Wednesday, December 14, 2011

This Week's Comics - 12/14/11

As the wise elder of my village used to say, a drought in one plain means rain in another. It is thus for comics as well. A slim pull list one week means more money for beer.

So read, drink and be merry. And, if at all possible, spend most of your time thinking about superheroes. It just makes life better, in my experience.


Batgirl #4 (?): Undecided here. I have not enjoyed Gail Simone, historically, or her first couple issues with Babs back in the proverbial saddle, specifically. I'm pretty sure I stuck with it to see Nightwing guest star, but now that that's over...well, the only reason I'd buy this is to finish the arc I started, and maybe as a symbolic nod to DC. Despite the fact that New 52 got rid of nearly everything I liked about their universe, it's still where Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown were born, so it should get some recognition on occasion.


Buffy Season 9 #4:  The end of the first arc, Freefall, shows us Buffy's friends doing their own things (job, school, mourning magic) while the Buffster and her new mystery friend Severin take on some new vamp threats. Seems to me that the whole "your new superpowered friend is a bad guy don't trust him Buffy!" is too obvious to be the main plot point, so I'm hoping for some trademark Whedon expectation-turnover maneuvers.

Walking Dead #92:  I'm almost certain this comes out this week. Last issue I started doubting my habit of buying this whenever it's new; just getting bit tired of the cast and the endless talking and the damaged son and the traumatized slash hardass leader. BUT this issue seems to promise action, and Michonne is on the cover. Michone and her katana are the only cast I need. Worth it.


Avengers Academy #23:  I'm not as impressed as expected for the first issues dealing with the school's new West Coast direction (at least when this comic started, they introduced me to teen heroes I've never heard of instead of just dumping them on me) but Christos Gage is clearly one of the most versatile and capable writers in the comics biz, so I'll stick with it. This month sees Laura/X-23 join the Academy. Which is strange, since Logan just opened a school too and she's rather close to her New X-Men buds, and also babysitting the FF as I recall, but hey, why not.

Avengers X-Sanction #1 of 4:  This might very possibly suck. The story seems kinda forced, I don't have much faith in the writer these days, and the art I associate with this story is already that weird '90s anatomically incorrect cartoony art. Just plain unforunate. However, in light of next years Avengers vs. X-Men epic, and the importance of Hope Summers, the potential significance of this mini-series cannot be underestimated. Also, interested to see how Cable came back/survived, if that is even him.

New Avengers #19:  Norman Osborn, his new Dark Avengers (Skaar, Superia and...wait, who else?) and his HAMMER goons (uniting AIM, Hydra and the Hand...and maybe some other evil Marvel organizations) attack the New Avengers. Judging by the solicit, this issue finally features some action. And hopefully not just Spidey getting tooled on (he never really saves the day in his Avengers titles, have you noticed that?) but perhaps even a cameo from some of their much-heralded but rarely-seen teammates, like Daredevil. Also, isn't Mockingbird a Super Soldier now? She should be kicking ass.

Uncanny X-Force #18:  The conclusion to the Dark Angel Saga. Psylocke and Fantomex stand in Archangel's way. Archangel/Apocalypse tries to destroy/regrow the world. Wolverine fights the Horsemen and the evil AgeOfApocalypse versions of the X-Men. Deadpool talks funny. Be there.

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