Monday, December 12, 2011

Comic Book Movie Teasers

It seems this weekend saw some new teasers released for upcoming comic movies. Unfortunately no Avengers fun; instead we get an interesting visual for the new Spider-Man reboot, as well as a taste of what's to come in the final Nolan/Bale Batman film.

The image of Bane walking away from Batman's discarded mask evokes a classic event in comics history, despite avoiding a direct iconic copy.

I should admit that I wasn't as crazy-in-love with The Dark Knight as everyone else, and am subsequently most looking forward to a Batman movie sans Joker, but the images I've seen of Bane's mask are truly disturbing, and it seems Anne Hathaway still insists upon being an actress and is given roles like Catwoman so that it's impossible to avoid her career entirely.

As for Spider-Man, I had my doubts about a limey taking on the role of Peter Parker, but his nerd-effusion at Comic Con convinced me to give him a shot, and Emma Stone has proven to be a pretty cool chick, so despite a nauseating first trailer, I'm looking forward to it.

Both teasers are via CBR here and here. Have a good Monday.

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