Wednesday, December 21, 2011

This Week's Comics - 12/21/11

I guess the Big Two decided to release most of their best titles the week before Christmas, because my Pull List is seriously enlarged this week. But if there's one thing the birth of Jesus Christ has taught me, it's that the balance in my checking account does not matter as much as giving and receiving items of value.

And what's more valuable than the brand new adventures of my favorite superheroes? Absolutely nothing that's what.

Daredevil #7 is one of this week's top picks.
 Hit the jump for a week of franchise heroes, fairy tale holidays, dark knights with grudge matches, and dead mutants resurrecting all over the place.


Batman #4:  The best title put out by DC, Scott Snyder's whole 12-part "Court of Owls" (I keep thinking it's Council of Owls for some reason...cause they're wise?) continues, and with any hope, the intensity level increases. Even if it doesn't though, Scotty boy writes good Batman comics.

Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! (One Shot):  The conclusion, I guess, to Grant Morrison's whole Batman, Inc. project, which caused quite the stir then fizzled out. Not a fan personally, but this here is Stephanie Brown's last appearance as Batgirl, and a new memory of the pre-New-52 world we have been forced to live in.

Fables #112:  I expect a good Christmas issue out of Fables. Apparently we're focusing on Rose Red this month and the twists that await her in the future.

Nightwing #4:  Kyle Higgins is also writing great Batman-esque comics, and treating Dick Grayson with the respect and affection he deserves. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) stars in this issue, and while I didn't love their interacting in the Batgirl book, I expect Higgins will pull it off better than Simone.


Avengers #20:  The new marquis team, featuring Ororo Iqadi Munroe T'Challa AKA Storm Queen of Wakanda, and also Daisy Johnson, hunts down the new HAMMER, tries to figure out Osborn's plans, and hopefully fights the Dark Avengers. Hey Bendis, give 'Ro a lot of screen time, k? Thanks.

Daredevil #7:  The absolute best superhero comic out there that you aren't reading, unless you are reading it, and it's very possibly the best superhero comic you're reading. Waid is a master writer, and the things Paolo Rivera does with a comic book page frankly astonishes me. And I've encountered a lot of comic pages in my life. Brilliant and beautiful.

Fantastic Four #601:  So I recall that Johnny's back, right? With a green arm? It seems wrong I don't remember all that happened in that giant size issue, but I'm sure I'll catch up. I think i'll stick with the FF until this "Forever" storyline ends. Mostly I want to see them all reunite, and I like Valeria.

Generation Hope #14:  The team's in Pakistan, fighting with a brain-wiped Sebastian Shaw. Nothing in that sentence is good. And it's all leading to the inevitable Laurie/Kenji mutiny which, honestly, I completely understand. Before the whole X-Men vs. Avengers and Phoenix thing starts, they better make Hope a bit more sympathetic. She's coming off ice cold these days.

New Mutants #35:  Not the best arc so far, but as ever I have faith in DnA (though they made need to stick to cosmic stuff in future.) The team is still tracking down Blink, and for some reason they are now fighting some death metal rockers at a concert. Mmmkay.

Uncanny X-Force #19:  The speed of this book's release is mind-blowing, especially considering the detail of the art and the foresight of the plotting. I can't wait to see the fallout from the Dark Angel Saga, the new Warren/Angel blank slate, Betsy as Omega-Level, and how Brian Braddock ends up on the team/involved in the mission.

Wolverine & The X-Men #3:  The Hellfire Club kids are still attacking, most of the faculty is down, and I guess it's up to Quentin Quire. 'Nuff said.

X-Factor #229:  All our questions are finally going to be...further explored. Madrox is dead, but he's not, you see? Instead he's woken up on his wedding night to Layla, to find his and Layla's corpses. Hopefully we find out for sure it's not Rahne who killed them. And also that they're not really dead. Again.

Ooof. Big week. Gonna have a lot of fun tonight reading. Might have to stretch it out, make it last longer, defer the pleasure....nah, I'm gonna eat them up as fast as possible. Merry Christmas!

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