Friday, November 18, 2011

Preview: Wolverine & The X-Men #2

Looks like Jason Aaron is making another attempt to boost the legitimacy and competence of Bobby Drake AKA Iceman. Generally I've never enjoyed these attempts (Bobby roadtripping with Rogue, being tutored by Storm, taunted by Emma Frost, or as a mainstay of Mike Carey's Messiah Complex Rogue Team, etc.) but I might get behind this one, since if I'm being told that Wolverine believes in him, guess I instinctively do too.

Although I have to admit I love Rick Remender's take on an Evil, Age of Apocalypse Bobby Drake in recent Uncanny X-Force issues. The things he does with his powers there are fantastic. I expect more Bobby-tutoring-Idie in Wolverine & The X-Men rather than Bobby making an army of himself, but still, Aaron's debut issue on the title was promising. So long as there's a lot of Kitty and Rachel I'll be content. Check out the preview pages for #2:

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