Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This Week's Comics - 11/30/11

Been awhile since I posted anything (I blame the holidays) and I even missed a week of comics (that Turkey was so needy.) Fortunately last week was pretty light; I'll be sure to pick up Wolverine and the X-Men #2 and any other Marvel I missed (sorry Aquaman.)

Now let's forget the past and live in the moment. Today's lunch break pull list is a good one.

Fables #111:  Mercifully, the latest arc comes to a conclusion, so something actually happens. This book can get a bit slow, especially after discovering/catching up with it in trades and then switching to monthly purchasing. Still, it is a remarkably beautiful book and worth the wait even when nothing happens. This month sees a decision made in the who-will-be-the-new-North-Wind among Snow and Bigby's kids. (My money's on the fat smart one..Ambrose?) Also, Buffkin's rebellion in Oz gets serious (someone dies I believe.)


Angel & Faith #4:  Christos Gage has proven he knows these characters' voices, and Rebekah Isaacs is a fantastic comic artist (helluva lot better than Jeanty.) I think this is the end of an arc, but it doesn't feel like that. This is a true ongoing story, and this month it seems we examine Faith, and how she's handling this new, busy, responsibility-filled life she's built for herself. Should be fun.


Daredevil #6:  Wonderful book, fun and gorgeous, written by the master Mark Waid. Here's a few more preview pages if you don't believe me. I dare you to not love this comic.

FF #12:  Granted, Fantastic Four #600 didn't really have me shouting from the rooftops, though I am a sucker for a good ressurrection story (Welcome Back Johnny. Sorry bout that arm.) and I have some issues (get it?) with the story. BUT, having said that, I'm actually having fun again with Hickman's stuff, want to see more of Johnny coming back, and interested in Franklin's powers acting up (good timing re: Phoenix returning and Hope) and Valeria is always readable.

Uncanny X-Men #2:  Gillen's first reboot-ish installment was enjoyable, and the art is pleasing as well, so I expect this will continue to satisfy. I'm worried it may get a slight bit cartoony, and I'm certainly not ecstatic about the all-power lineup Scott's put together, but Storm is in it and thus it's worth buying. Plus, Hope sniper's a whole mess of Sinister clones in the head. Chick just does whatever she wants.

X-Men Legacy #259:  I thought previously, and erroneously, that Mike Carey's time was done with the end of his cosmic arc, but it seems he's giving us some final stories. Basically it's his take on Schism and Rogue's decision to join the school. This is like finding $20 in your old winter coat pocket. Love Carey, love Clay Mann's art more than anything ever, and love these characters. I want to see all the agony of Rogue's decision, the awkwardness of their little love triangle, and her new life at the school teaching and guarding the kids with Rachel Summers and Frenzy. Don't go, Mike Carey. Just change your mind and keep writing.

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