Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Tony Stark's Future Board and Marvel Point One

In anticipation of Marvel's big 12-month-story-set-up, which is apparently what tomorrows special "Point One" issue will be, and because enough time has passed since Avengers #5 came out, I thought it would be good to take a new look at future Tony Stark's Big Board of the Future!

Due to the overlapping nature of the Marvel Universe's current timeline (certain books take longer to come out, such as Avengers: Children's Crusade vs. X-Men Schism) we are not currently located in one spot. However, a bunch of ground has been covered. We've done Five Lights (Hope,) Who is Worthy? (Fear Itself, possibly Night Falls (also Fear Itself? or FI fallout?), Return of the King (Black Bolt), Schism, and we are in the middle of such events as Iron Lad Returns/Where is Wanda? (Children's Crusade) and All Hope Lies In Doom/Galactus Seed (Hickman's big FF story.)

So, what's left? And what's been missed?

Well, Nova Antiquus is one of the more interesting things on this cool future chart, and certainly something I believe is going to be in Point One tomorrow. As confirmed at New York City Comic Con, Nova is coming back. He was last seen side by side with Star-Lord, charging the Mad Titan/Avatar of Death Thanos as the Cancerverse was closing out of existence, in an attempt to keep Thanos from returning to their own 'verse. Nova and Star-Lord, as written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning over the last few yers, have become some of Marvel's greatest, if least appreciated since their cosmic stories often go unnoticed, heroes. Hopefully, Peter Quill will return soon as well, but having Nova back will be a boon. What Antiquus refers to, I do not know. My guess is, stuck at the end of an alternate universe, and brought back to ours through some rip or fault or fissure in the timestream (DnA love those) Richard Rider will return considerably aged, relative time having passed faster than ours. Here's hoping for another Nova ongoing, because the fledgling Nova Corps, complete with Worldmind and Namorita, are hanging out somewhere in space and living stories that I need to read.

The uniform's different, and he actually looks younger rather than older. Plus he's got some dire news. Squee!

Fear Without Man, obviously a Daredevil reference and the opposite of the earlier Man Without Fear which referred to the awful Shadowland, could either be a new event in Daredevil that hasn't yet been announced, or merely points us to the recently relaunched Daredevil by Mark Waid. The latter makes more sense, considering Waid's take on Murdock has him kind of repressing a lot of crap and being all happy-go-lucky (it's really quite a delightful read) though it doesn't seem to have enough weight to be on the map. Regardless, it was a tactical Marvel release, so it has a place up there either way.

I have no idea what "What's In The Rings?!" means. Lord of the Rings joke? Mystery arena sprout up around the world? Saturn-like planets appear in orbit? Someone help me out here.

Nor do I know what STARK365XRATS means. Doesn't seem to refer to his recent fall off the sobriety wagon so I'm gonna guess it's some newly developed tech or else a kind of Artificial Intelligence that develops in all his old armor, maybe combining to form the threat from the classic Guardians of the Galaxy known only as The Stark. Kinda out there, but I haven't been reading Fraction's run on Invincible Iron Man, so I'm not well informed.

Yesterday's X-Men could be about the X-Men's past returning, in the sense that Wolverine has re-opened the Westchester school. Though that could be a bit of a stretch. Perhaps some past X-Men are returning? Some overlooked or lost ones, such as Sage or Beak? Or maybe the two, recently divided X-teams will come together and fight alongside each other sooner than expected?

As for Ultron War, I don't really expect that to happen, considering it was the main idea of the first arc in the rebooted Avengers and it seems they stopped that before that happened. However I do recall someone recently saying that Ultron's returned in a comic, but I cannot for the life of me remember the specifics. And the Point One teaser above seems to insinuate it's a real thing. If we DO get a glimpse of that disastrous-future-battle, that would be pretty exciting, cause it means Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau finally comes back into the spotlight, and man I miss her.

Monica's on the bottom right.
 Scorched Earths was, I thought, a Red Hulk story that already happened. If someone who read that could contribute some information, such as a dangling plot thread/cliffhanger that could have some upcoming conclusion, please share.

And last but not least, Born to Burn, which initially seemed like the inevitable return of Johnny Storm (and, granted, still could be) now seems to me to be the already-teased big upcoming Phoenix story. In which case, Hope is the one who was Born to Burn, and as Bishop used to tell us in his suddenly-murderous-role, Hope would grow to hate the world and most people and lead everyone to a terrible, destructive future. Add anger and rage to a burgeoning Phoenix force, and you've got a big Marvel-wide event.

If anyone has any input to share, let me know! Hopefully Point One will clarify some stuff, not just Nova and how he will return, and why he's an antique. I really wish I could read all the small print, or even understand the math equations and their relevance, because I'm fairly certain that Joe Quesada and the Marvel folks have basically put everything up on that board and we just can't crack the code.

Not that we're done trying.

No. Frakkin'. Idea.

FF/DD/Spidey...? Galactus Seed/War of 4 Cities stuff?

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