Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Week's Comics - 11/16/11

The adventure in truncated pull lists continue. As opposed to writing about, say, Occupy Wall Street, the rise of "Occupy Lung" disease, the eviction of the occupiers, and the reactions to Frank Miller's Occupy Wall Street reaction, I just feel like talking about new comics coming out tomorrow.

Once again, a Marvel heavy week, though the few DC books I still pick up are included.


Batman #3: Snyder's fantastic work continues, as hopefully we get some more meat re: Owl murders. Considering this is the best comic in the New 52 (mostly because it's one that's not so new at all) it does feel like it's moving a bit slowly.

 Justice League #3:  Despite the fond memories that Jim Lee's art recalls, the first two issues of this were extraordinarily ordinary. Only now, three months later, are we getting Wonder Woman's debut. And with all the hype this got, it's just not worth it for me anymore. Maybe in trades one day, or downloaded illegally (not that I know how to do that.)

Nightwing #3: The best surprise of the New 52 is how Kyle Higgins (who was charming and handsome at NYCC) has been dealing with Dick Grayson's return to his self-made identity. It's getting circus-heavy, but is still entertaining, exciting and beautiful. Higgins is clearly a Nightwing fan and the first two issues were a joy.


Avengers #19:  Not sure how I feel about this. Cap is assembling a new team, for like the third time this year, and for some reason he needs Black Panther on it. No one needs Black Panther but ok, at least T'Challa is as surprised as I am, and recommends his wife. Storm on the flagship Avengers team = SQUEEE! so at least there's that to look forward to.

Avengers Academy #22:  The new direction and location for this book continues, as all the students plus some Avengers mainstays are on the new West Coast campus when Jocasta is apparently murdered. She's not my fav character, but I still doubt it's a true she-wont-return murder. Regardless, a murder mystery is a brilliant way to explore the new dynamics and faculty and students that the move out West has provided.

Fear Itself 7.3:  I thought the last one was about Tony's falling off the sobriety wagon, but apparently it was about retconning Thor entirely so that he never existed but the new guy, Thana-somethingorother, has been Thor forever. Weak. Not gonna bother with more of Odin's lame speechifying. Let's move on already. (And not to any more Point One stinkiness please.)

Generation Hope #13:  The 5 Lights team scrimmages against the X-tinction team. I'm betting Hope holds her own pretty well. Then they go to China for a new mutant signature, but alas and alack it's a mindwiped Sebastian Shaw, left behind by Emma. That came back fast. Lotta fun to cram into one issue.

New Mutants #34:  The team continues their unfinished business MO by tracking down Blink, last seen in Necrosha having been saved by Selene and turned semi-evil. However it seems she's busy playing quiet superhero, so I imagine by the end she'll join the team. Definitely want some interactions eventually with her and Jubilee and Paige, not to mention facing Emma Frost.

X-Factor #227:  I forget who this crazy bad guy is, but it doesn't really matter cause this comic is always fun. Wish it could be 20 pages longer.

X-Men #21: Only buying this cause Storm is in it. War Machine bores the stuffing out of me (mmm stuffing, get here Thanksgiving!) especially when he's being all diplomatic and a stooge of the United Nations. Fortunately Storm gets to kick his ass a bit.

So it's a bit longer of a Pull List than I've been trying to pull of, but that means next week will be light, right? Right?

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