Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Avengers' Ending and Iron Patriot

Not sure how I didn't know about this site until now, but I'm just glad it was pointed out to me. The mission statement is simple: animating the gist and presenting a preferable alternate finale of a movie. In a flarking funny way, of course. Enjoy.

And in case you haven't heard, there may be a new villain, or at least a familiar character, in Iron Man 3 which began shooting this month. Spoilers after the jump (sorry Simon Pegg, I don't love the culture either, but I live in it.)

Iron Patriot was seen on set. Red herring? Eric Savin pre-Coldblood? Actually Norman Osborn? Tony doing a July 4th concert/flyover and just giving us comic fans something to 'squee' over? Who cares? Looks pretty sweet. (via Spinoff.)

I wish Norman hadn't been the one to make the flag design all evil and on-the-nose, though I was never surprised the writers did that. Someone better should fill up that suit. Hey remember when Harry wore it for a miniseries? I'm pretty sure that ended horribly...don't exactly remember, but if Harry Osborn was a main character, that's a good guess. Rhodey could use a little color.

And to be perfectly honest I'd prefer to see Rescue before any other machine-clad heroes. Gwyneth isn't my favorite but she does a mean Pepper, and with her personality, especially post-Coulson, I could see her stepping into the game and going on life-saving missions. Have a feeling that'll wait till Iron Man 4 though.

Oh well. I got time.

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