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This Week's Comics - 5/23/12

A fairly light week, especially in the Marvel area with only one AvX related title shipping, which should make deciding the Pick of the Week easier, but anytime a new Unwritten issue comes out, it's hard not to choose that.

However, while I'm probably most excited to read Unwritten and the aftermath of War of the Words finally, there's another more momentous milestone comic today: the final issue of Mark Waid's Irredeemable. Will Plutonian get the punishment he deserves, or a 2nd chance at life? Will Qubit survive the final confrontation, or be outwitted himself by Modeus? Can the Earth recover from the ravages of recent years and reclaim a new future?

Beats me, but Waid's the guy to trust when you're buying comics. Empire, FF, Daredevil, Kingdom Come--the guy rarely missteps. And while I wandered away from Irredeemable for awhile there, it was mighty entertaining, especially the first year. Here's to you, Mr. Waid, and your delightfully twisted takes on the iconic heroes we all know and love.

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Irredeemable #37:  Qubit has Modeus in his eye, the magic lethal wax in Tony's heart, and Plutonian on the ropes. Will he use him to save the world and give him a new shot, or kill him when the work is over? The final issue to this acclaimed series will answer all questions.


Batman Incorporated #1 (?):  I had no idea this was returning this week. It seems either all the press about a major DC hero coming out of the recently built closet has overshadowed this series return, or else Morrison's still recent Playboy article calling Batman gay created some malice towards him. Either way Batman Inc rarely lived up to the hype that heralded it, so perhaps a complete lack of hype will be a good change of pace for its New 52 debut. Gonna have to take a flip-through in store before I decide.

Fables #117:  Less excited for this comic than I used to be. Feel like I've been reading about Oz and Snow and Bigby's kids for a year now and I'm mighty bored. Oh look, one of Snow and Bigby's kids are missing! So Fabletown starts a search party. I really need to stop buying this and switch to Trade waiting.

The Unwritten #37:  Instead of getting the immediate aftermath of War of the Words, we rejoin Tom Taylor a year after that fateful battle. It seems he's gotten his life back together, perhaps written a book and made his own kind of fame, but the grief and loss that he endured can't be gotten over so easily. Or at least I hope not. In a world without Leviathan, "fiction is up for grabs" and here's hoping Tom Taylor just needs the right motivation to grab it himself...namely, the possible return of Lizzie Hexam? Speculation is fun. Reading Mike Carey's plots is more fun.


Astonishing X-Men #50:  The much-discussed X-Men issue. Both of the Big Two are doing some gay pandering lately, and Marjorie Liu happily took that responsibility when she was given this out-of-the-way X-title featuring a ragtag team including, of course, Northstar, the most recognizable gay French-Canadian hero ever. Not sure how she's going to switch from the chilly horror of the past few issues and Karma's (another lesbian mutant, it's worth pointing out) unfortunate possession/betrayal, to the now well known gay wedding proposal made by Northstar to his boyfriend Kyle, but people seem to love her writing so could be interesting. To be followed by next month's big Central Park gay wedding.

Fantastic Four #606: The FF go to Wakanda and Black Panther makes an appearance in their story after a long absence, considering he's such a close friend. Not to be confused with him being in Wakanda and battling his wife as part of the AvX war (which, hopefully, will end in their divorce.) Apparently all the vibranium has gone out of the world, or something, and adamantium is super expensive, and who has the time to make up a name for a new fictional metal? Judging by his ever cocky and superior pose on the cover, things will get a bit fractious, before they end up working together for the greater good. Or else the panther god eats someone.

Journey Into Mystery #638:  Exiled, that kinda funny kinda extremely boring mini-crossover between Thor/Asgard comics and New Mutants, keeps going on. The setup for this week is: undead cannibal Asgardian myths are loose in San Fran while all Asgardians have had their mind wiped and are helpless, thinking theyre normal humans. Oh wow, that was the same setup as the last chapter. Go figure. While Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning haven't done as great a job with their street level heroes and mutant comics as they did with their cosmic fare, I still don't think this is their fault. It has the odor of Matt Fraction on it, who I haven't enjoyed since the wonderful Iron Fist.

Secret Avengers #27:  Finally, the AvX story of the week. Captain Marvel returned...but in a religious zealot brainwashed nationalist for the Kree kind of way. Naturally Noh-Varr falls in line with him and the Supreme Intelligence, but it appears that Carol Danvers/Ms Marvel does too. Sure she loved Mar-vell, and got her powers/hero start from him, but she's human ain't she? And what does she want the Phoenix to do at this point? Reboot the Kree race? It will be interesting to find out. You know, provided anything actually happens. Still, heroes in space and pretty pencils.

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