Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Round-Up: X-Men Previews, Thanos Explained, Marvel's Mint Silver Age On Sale, and Dean Pelton Dresses Up

It's Memorial Day Weekend, and Fleet Week in NYC, which can explain any and all emotional tumult or fluctuations in this humble blogger's usually remarkable work ethic. So I'm resorting to that most often used lifeline for internet writers hamstrung by frustration and fatigue; the Round-Up, a collection of mildly interesting links that, aside from being shiny and distracting, have the added bonus of filling up an entire post.

We start at Comic Book Resources where Mr. Matt Adler provides us with a comprehensive and seemingly intelligent (I'm not done reading it) biography of Thanos the Mad Titan, whose recent big screen appearance has generated a lot of new interest in the classic character. From his Freudian and mythical origins at the hands of creator Jim Starlin to his more recent turn in the cosmic Annihilation War, a complete and intricate tapestry is woven, and it's much fun for both continuity geeks and new fans who want to speculate on what's to come in Marvel cinema. 

Then we have a nearly complete Silver Age collection of Marvel comics going on sale in an auction in California, and the estimated prices for some of the issues (hold on to your *&^!@ing hats,) Dennis Culver's "Deanfinity" featuring all the crazy unambiguous costumes Dean Pelton of Community has shown up in, and three previews for next week's all-new X-titles, including the highly anticipated (for me) Rogue vs. Iron Man fight.

Read on for linkage, and happy Friday.

Thanos Explained: Get into the mind and history of the Avatar of Death. And try not be freaked out that we all have a little Than(at)os inside us.

Own the Silver Age:  Got some spare, disposable, millions of dollars? Head on down to Beverly Hills where Doug Schmell, famous collector, will be making rich geeks strain their vocal cords and wave fans (which should help with the inevitable fainting.)

"I'm inclined to agree with the man in uniform.":  Check out Dennis Culver's Dean Pelton artwork, and try and remember all the episodes those costumes appeared in. Considering how he stretched reasons for elaborate drag, should be a tough one. Funny but sad, cause one can't think of Community without thinking of the recent Dan Harmon fiasco.

Marvel Eye Candy:  X-Men: Legacy   (wherein Rogue lays down the law and hopefully kicks Avengers ass--also hope Cannonball gets in on the fun, haven't seen him in awhile,) Wolverine & The X-Men 11 (wherein we see Hope and Wolverine travelling to the moon, and his thought process, knowing he is about to betray her pretty hard,) and X-Men #29 (wherein the topical Victor Gischler starts winding down his run with a Skrull story. Hopefully a smart, mature Pixie can save this plot line.)

via CBR

Have a fun and safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend everyone!! Go memorize something (wait, what's this holiday about?)

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