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This Week's Comics - 5/30/12

Hopefully this isn't one of those weeks with a Monday holiday that leads to new comics arriving on Thursday. Few blows are harsher than showing up at your comic shop with your pull list in hand to find you must wait another four and twenty hours. Often in my rage and frustration at the comic book industry and thirst for vengeance against publishers and distributors, I just buy something anyway, be it action figure or back issue.

What can I say, rage makes me stupid. But it IS leading to an increasingly impressive random collection.

Regardless, I'm heading to the shop today with high hopes. Pick of the Week is, quite naturally, X-Men Legacy 'cause Rogue is done waxing poetic and being self-analytical, and has moved on to kicking ass. And I would really, really enjoy watching her execute a creative takedown of Mr. Tony Stark, the only A-list Avenger to bother showing up at the Jean Grey School.

You know the drill, Jump for Pull.


Angel & Faith #10:  A new arc begins as we get a new look and a new story into Giles' past. One that involves two attractive women. Presumably this was during his Ripper-drugs-rock'nroll-rebellion-magik-with-a-K phase, when he abandoned hope of being a grocer or a fighter pilot. Good on you Giles. The mysterious ladies show up and end up asking our two heroes for help, though one assumes they're not all that they appear. Hopefully we'll make some more tangible progress in Angel's quest to ressurect Giles/reassemble his fragmented soul. Or at least see more of the earlier-mentioned phenomenon of Angel gaining aspects of Rupert's character. This comic is quite good, if I haven't mentioned that--much more satisfying than the marquis Buffy title.


Batman Annual #1:  More Night of Owls goodness. And from Scott Snyder no less, which, besides Unwritten and Fables, is the only DC comic/writer I buy regularly. Annuals are fun and it seems we take a break from the war with the Owl Council/Court/whatever to introduce Mr. Freeze into the New 52. (Perhaps he's gay and his origin revolves around rescuing his boytoy from a disease by freezing him. Oh, DC.) Whether Victor is an ally of the Owls or an enemy is unknown, but dang that cover is pretty, and dang can Mr. Snyder write. I'd love to see his take on more classic Bat-villains, considering his grasp on all things Chiroptera.


Walking Dead #98:  Two issues in one month. Image is pushing this latest arc and impending #100 issue pretty hard. And aside from a new large community that has given Rick hope, and a smaller one he now runs, and the roving pack of psychos that don't seem particularly more psychotic than past adversaries, I'm not super clear on what will happen. But I am getting kind of freaked out. I don't actually WANT to see any horrific, bloody, personal murders, but not only is that inevitable, it seems it may happen en masse. At least there aren't any babies around (Damn you Kirkman.)


FF#18:  I keep saying I'm gonna stop buying these but I don't. Not positive why really. That issue with Spidey and Torch as roommates was terrificly fun---better than Dan Slott in my opinion. Plus I really like Valeria, and have grown a fondness for the First Family that I haven't often felt. This issue sees a new addition to the Future Foundation and Val and Franklin go to Wakanda for a field trip and meet with a science club.

New Mutants #43:  Mercifully, Exiled comes to an end with this issue. While I appreciate any attempt at infusing humor into superhero comics, or into any writing for that matter, the few good jokes that came out of this crossover were not nearly enough to justify its existence. Seriously--one bad spell, and then 4 issues of characters bumbling around, talking too much, and getting nothing done. Weak and unclear and unenjoyable, and especially unfortunate when compared to the classic New Mutants/Asgard crossovers of the late 20th century. Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, whom I do love, have not been doing great with this title, and hopefully next month will see a return to basics. They're already a writing team, they don't need to collaborate more...they just need to send the New Mutants on an off-world mission and get back to what they're good at.

Wolverine & The X-Men #11:  A look at Wolverine's trip to the moon with Hope, his thought process and rationalization for betraying her, and the other side of the AvX Jean Grey School fight as seen in X-Men Legacy, featuring Rachel Grey hopefully kicking butt, and newly-ingenious-spectacular Iceman taking on (down?) Red Hulk.  More interested in the fight scenes to be honest. Aaron has maybe the best X-cast, and writes the most endearing version of Logan in any current comic, and I could use a little help getting to like him again. Plus seeing Rachel fight Avengers and defect to Cyclops side to help Hope---well I just hope as only person to ever succesfully control the Phoenix Force she'll have a greater presence in the story, before Wanda shows up and takes over.

X-Men Legacy #267:  Pick of the Week, and eagerly anticipated by me, as Rogue tears through She-Hulk to get to Iron Man. Serves the Avengers right for sending such a weakass team to protect an entire school of mutant children, most of whom have been tested in battle, and super-veteran X-Men faculty. I mean honestly, Falcon, She-Hulk and Moon Knight? What, was D-Man busy? These aren't even sidekick-worthy Avengers. Squirrel Girl is more impressive than Falcon. Anyway, point is, Iron Man showed up finally, and since this is Rogue's book, I expect her to kick every square inch of his ass. And maybe help move AvX forward a bit (or reunite her with Magneto somehow?)

X-Men #29:  Victor Gischler's final issue. Which, sorry to say, I'm not all that bummed about. He had a good run, and it seems people enjoyed it, and I liked the idea behind an X-title primarily dedicated to "team ups" and expanding the X-influence in the Marvel Universe. I just don't think it really worked. I mean, who did they team up with really? War Machine, blech. Spidey was a decent one but didn't seem to leave an impact. A bunch of vampires. Again. Now they've kinda invaded the FF with a Skrull Imposter who took Pixie hostage. Hopefully Pixie will get hers, as the X-folk assemble and bring down the bad alien(s) and Gischler isn't going too far, considering he's doing a Spike miniseries for Dark Horse soon. Still, I'll be excited to see some new blood and, if not a new direction, a more enjoyable take on one of the only X-titles with so much story telling freedom.

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