Friday, April 29, 2011

Link Me To The Moon, Captain

A collection of links for Friday. looks to the past to explain why The Doctor finds so much trouble whenever he comes to America. (Though that can be said for every country, planet, and time he visits as well.)

-Not particularly news-related, but always worth a link is the incredible Josh Rogan and his modHero artwork. I have two on my wall, and want about 20 more. The bastard keeps making new ones, and they keep getting better. Here's one he did a couple months ago on the Fantastic Four. Go to his site!!

-In honor of National Poetry Month (an arbitrary extended holiday that bothers me almost as much as National Coming Out Day) I do wish to share the wonderful news that Suzanne Buffam has been short listed for the Griffin Poetry Prize, the most prestigious Canadian poetry honor one can receive, for her second collection of poetry The Irrationalist. It is my belief she should win the whole thing, but I imagine a little recognition, not to mention some bank, is always welcome. Kudos Suzanne! And, dear Readers, find her books. They're spectacular.

-The Wedding of Kate and William happened this morning, or is still happening, and thus news pieces abound about the happy couple. Just saw a little video of the events, and it was surprisingly affecting. Mostly I like her dress, and hadn't realized how pretty she was. However, ComicsAlliance (who got linked to DrudgeReport yesterday for their Superman-revoking-citizenship story..damn, I knew I should have written about that one) has a link to an artist who shows us the truth about how they met.

-Sticking around the UK, Wales Online has an interview with Kenneth Branagh in which he discusses the upcoming Thor release, and how he was first enthralled with the comic as a young boy (fanboy alert!) Also there's something about someone named Anthony Hopkins, but mostly little Kenneth reading comics!

-Bleeding Cool shows a list of comic book creators' reactions to the Superman controversy, showing the majority of them to be surprisingly off-base, with Paul Cornell believing our focus should be on the story instead. The story IS the controversy. Regardless, it was not a good story. Once again, reinvention and originality has come to mean the destruction of what came before. This does not reveal some epiphanous inner workings of Superman's mind, but rather David Goyer's own opinions, and that's not why comic fans spend six freaking bucks on a special supersized 900th issue.

-The latest X-Men: First Class Trailer shows more clips from the upcoming movie, and continues my growing excitement. Some of the mutants they've chosen to include feel horribly random, but it's still a new, ambitious, original approach, and it certainly looks well made.

-And last but not least: Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods, long spent painfully collecting dust on the MGM shelves, is being sold to Lionsgate! Rumor has it we may see a Halloween release. Been dying for this movie.

Happy Friday.


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