Saturday, April 30, 2011

Who Is That Masked Man?

My name is Captain Elias, and that's not a mask, it's protective headgear. I can't sleep past 7am and I'm too lazy to take it off. Too lazy to really blog either.

In addition, I don't feel like anything is particularly newsworthy today. Sure, Superman flipped America the bird and it remains endlessly debated, The Scarlet Witch is back (though people seem to have gotten since Young Avengers comes out 4 times a year) Joss Whedon is filming the Avengers, Fringe is incredible as always, and the second part of the thrilling Doctor Who series premiere is tonight.

Good news, bad news, fantasy news, it's not as important as cooking a lovely meal for my wonderful parents visiting today, and enjoying a beautiful spring Saturday.

Just call me The Cop Out, go to brunch, watch Doctor Who, and check back tomorrow.

Captain Elias is...

reading: The Bull from the Sea by Mary Renault (2nd part of Theseus retelling)

reading: Gutters the hilarious webcomic by Ryan Sohmer and rotating artists.

listening to: the only mixed CDs he owns, which consist entirely of Glenn Miller Band songs

writing: really cheesy poetry, but it's better than nothing, and a horror story

cooking: a meal made of grains and veggies but no meat that will somehow, despite all rational belief, prove to be delicious

NOT googling: images of Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer

looking forward to: Parents! Doctor Who! Dry summer wines! (Vinho Verde!) Windows open! And eye contact with the guy who works in that coffee shop.

Have a lovely Saturday folks.


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