Wednesday, April 27, 2011

This Week's Comics

As tradition and inclination dictate, I shall be buying new comics at my local comic store during my lunch break today, Wednesday April 27th, 2011. Here beith my (distressingly large) list:


Action Comics #900: Supersized and gimmicky, I am nonetheless a complete sucker for supersized gimmicks. Besides, maybe it will be fun to read a Superman comic (haven't picked one up in a long time, what with Grounded and Kryptonian genocides.)

Batman, Inc. #5: As I've said before, not a huge Morrison fan, especially when it comes to Batman, despite the fervent worship he has received from reviewers for this newest series. Still, it's hard for me to not buy a big Batman issue, especially when he's teaming up with some of his Bat-family, in this case the new red-headed lesbodian Batwoman.

Brightest Day #24: The conclusion to the series. I'm guessing we're gonna see Captain Boomerang through his, well, boomerang at Dove, and other prophesies fulfilled. Also, Swamp Thing's role as ultimate protector revealed. This comic kind of lost its mojo around the time they chopped Aquaman's hand off again, but at least it's still colorful. As for biweeklies, I never kept up with Justice League International: Generation Lost which also concludes today. Looking forward to that in Trade Paperback.


Age of X Universe #2: Have we not already established I'm a complete sucker? Tie-ins, prequels, parallel stories, they all get me. I love Mike Carey's Age of X, so naturally, this tie-in being only 2 issues and starring an alternate, grim team of Avengers, I'm getting it. First one wasn't very good, but why not finish it off?

Amazing Spider-Man #659: Not a regular Spidey-issue-buyer, especially since it seems they come out every week, but I'm rather enjoying this period where he joins the FF, so I'll follow the consistent Dan Slott for a little while longer.

Avengers #12.1: The .1 initiative is idiotic. They're always trying to get new readers (the way Doctor Who seems to be catering to Americans now) and provide them with accessible "jumping-on points." Dudes, its 2011. If I want to find out about this newest Avengers team, or read about the origins of Avengers history, I'll either ask the guy who owns the comic book store I'm currently standing in for back issues and trades, or I'll read wikipedia. If they want it, they'll find it. How about you just focus on making great stories, and feel free to leave them full of historical minutiae.

FF #2:  Ben Grimm vs. Doctor Doom, with Sue Storm as ump. Also Valeria Richards is around (waiting for her and Layla Miller's team up already.) 'Nuff said.

Mighty Thor #1: This is the only one I have a big question mark with. Undecided if I should buy it. Kinda soured on Matt Fraction after his run on X-Men, and miss the Fraction who wrote Immortal Iron Fist. BUT, it seems the story is concerned with Silver Surfer, who is naturally awesome, and drawn by Oliver Coipel, whose art is painfully beautiful. Guess I'll decide on the spot.

New Mutants #24: The conclusion of Age of X! Love the art, love the story, love the length. Mike Carey's brilliant.

Ruse #2: Brilliant Holmsian Detective Simon Archer struggles to protect his able, intelligent assistant/partner Emma Bishop as someone is targeting her life. This reboot is written by its original, and always fantastic (see: Empire, Irredeemable) writer Mark Waid, and is funny, smart, aesthetically pleasing, and particularly joy-inducing for any true Sherlock fan.

Secret Avengers #12 & #12.1: This series has been the most disappointing of the new Avengers titles, has the word 'Avengers' in the title, and thus I must buy it. See above, re: sucker.

Uncanny X-Men #536: I have a really good feeling about Gillen on the X-Men. Clearly he loves Kitty Pryde, a good sign, and has reunited Joss Whedon's Astonishing team with Joss Whedon's villainous-setting of Breakworld and Agent Brand. This arc's moving fast and I have high hopes (make Kitty tangible already!)

X-Men #10: Dear God is this NYC sewer-lizard story still going on?? Gischler has been completely overrated on this title. And sacrilegious as it may be, considering he's a 'master of the comic book art form', Bachalo's art always makes me nauseous. My reasoning for spending hard-earned money on it? I bough all prior parts of the arc and this is the last one, and it focuses on Emma Frost and Spider-Man teaming up. That's something at least.

The Walking Dead #84: The conclusion of the No Way Out storyline. Last issue was a big one...which is to say, something horribly tragic and gruesome happened, natch. I remember when I discovered, bought, and read the first 60 issues of this comic one night, not sleeping just reading the next. When it got to the end of their life in the prison, I was crying and nearly physically sick. I imagine if I hadn't been reading this latest arc in monthly single issues, the same thing would be happening right now. Some rumors have this issue being the end of Rick Grimes, a thing Robert Kirkman has said before he'd do, and still continue the comic. Guess we'll find out in a few hours.


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