Monday, April 18, 2011

This Week's Comics

A list of what I'll be buying on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011.


Batman #709: I'm not the biggest Tony Daniel fan, but this issue is written instead by David Hine, and being the end of a mini-crossover in which insane evangelical Christian Knights terrorize Gotham in pursuit of a "worthy" superhero it necessarily includes an appearance by Red Robin. Anything with Tim Drake in it I'll buy, though it's hard to pass over any title with Batman in it as well.

Green Lantern #65 & Green Lantern Corps #59: I honestly don't know why I keep buying these. I don't like the recent War of the Green Lanterns storyline, nor have I particularly enjoyed any post-Blackest Night issues. But I have a soft spot for Kyle Rayner. Also for Mogo, though he hasn't been seen in awhile.

Power Girl #23: This is not a certain purchase, but I picked it up for the first time last month and was very pleasantly surprised. Never knew much about the character, but the comic seems to be very humorous and well written. Plus she's fighting magic dinosaurs with Superman and has to call Zatanna for help. Pretty fun stuff.

Teen Titans #94: Not crazy about this new character Solstice, and generally dislike when the Titans face demons/spirit stuff/other realms, etc. Still the title has been slightly revitalized by J.T. Krul, and has a perfect roster. Glad to have Red Robin back, but not sure why they had Damian for such a short time. He was a big part of why the first few issues worked somewhat.


Invincible #79: A bit perplexed why I keep buying this one as well. Cause I like Atom Eve? Pretty sure I don't actually like it, but it's certainly pretty (when not ridiculously gory) and perhaps fallout of Viltrumite War will be interesting, specifically Mark's parents reuniting.


Avengers #12:  Recent issues have not been reviewed well, but I'm a big fan of this run by Bendis. I loved the Infinity Gauntlets of old, love the art, love all the characters. Besides, Thanos shows up! Not sure how or even if Bendis is going to explain what he's doing here and not dead in the collapse of the Cancerverse when Nova and Star-Lord (two of Marvel's best characters ever) sacrificed themselves to keep him there. Hoping for their resurrection as well.

Avengers Academy #12: Great comic. Love how it's steeped in Avengers history, with Korvac and Carina making interesting returns. The kids are transported into their grown-up bodies, pulled from the future chock full of experience and power! Rich potential for emotion (frustration, excitement, humor) and good fight scenes.

Generation Hope #6: Enjoying this one a lot. Gillen's been doing some good stuff with his early X-run, especially when it comes to Hope and her Five Lights. This is supposed to be kind of a biggie, with a new Light appearing, and one of the Five's fate in question. Mostly I'm just waiting for some Phoenix exposition, but worth reading regardless.

Sigil #2: Never read CrossGen way back when, but picked up the first issue of this because I'm a Mike Carey fan and the premise looked cool (slightly Buffyesque.) It was very solid and, being only a 4-issue mini, I'm definitely seeing this through. Pirates! Magic! Girl power! (Mark Waid's Sherlock-esque CrossGen reboot is also fantastic.)

Uncanny X-Force #8: This comic is definitely ambitious, but it's wearing me out a bit. The convoluted plots and intense Fantomex expositions tend to take me out of the flow. Still, Psylocke's in it, and Remender even makes Deadpool an interesting, unexpectedly deep character. Very curious about Betsy's rematch with the Shadow King, as well as the future cover showing her kissing Fantomex. Less curious about Archangel's inevitable, if brief, switch to villainy.

Wolverine and Jubilee #4: Critically acclaimed, but not at all a favorite for me. Keep buying it just cause I used to love this pairing back in the day, when they took on Sentinels together and  Jubes' PAF!s got all powerful. Hate her as a vamp though, but hopefully this clears up her future existence in the Marvel U.

X-Factor #218: One of the most consistently awesome comics out there. Loved David's original run in the '90s, loving it now. Guido shot! Monet rampaging! Rictor and Shatterstar still gay and together! Layla Miller all growed up! What more could a fanboy ask for?

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