Friday, September 23, 2011

Annihilators: Earthfall #1 Preview

Probably the most anticipated (by me) upcoming Marvel (mini) event, Annihilators: Earthfall gives us not only the further adventures of the newly formed, super heavy hitting, galaxy guarding team the Annihilators, but it answers the question any self-respecting cosmic comic fanboy has asked himself in the past few months:

Who would win in a fight, Gladiator or Captain America?

Also, how will Quasar handle the conflict? He used to be an Avenger with an obviously large crush on Cap. And Ronan the Accuser has memorably had some run-ins with the team as well. Is this when our Earth heroes get caught up on the sacrifices the previous Guardians of the Galaxy made? Maybe Reed Richards helps dig Star-Lord and Nova out of the defunct Cancerverse?

A boy can dream.

Apparently the Annihilators come to our humble little planet due to some planet-shattering crisis, as usual, in a proactive frenzy, light-speeding in and saving the day. Unfortunately, a team of remarkable powerhouses rushing to Earth, regardless of motive, sends up red flags among the Avengers security technology, or so I imagine, and the classic accidental good guys vs. good guys ensues.

Although in truth, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning haven't exactly pitched it that way. Here's an excerpt from a CBR interview a few weeks ago:

Which group of Avengers do the Annihilators run afoul of? What's it like playing the Annihilators off the Avengers? How would you describe the initial dynamic between these two sets of characters?

DnA: It's a primary team of Avengers, essentially all that could be assembled at short notice because of the immediacy and urgency -- the Annihilators come on like a threat from outer space -- there's no time to be polite or cordial. The Avengers are either in it with them or in the way. It's simply not possible to pause and say, "Hey, we need to do this, do you guys mind?" The dynamic is very strong: both teams have a remit, and they are not aligned here. It's not the classic 'fight by mistake and then join forces.' This is a clash of interests and perspectives. And the Annihilators have been jokingly referred to as the Cosmic Avengers -- you know how powerful they are...

No one's more powerful than Cosmo, the Russian cosmonaut telepathic canine. In the same interview, they let slip that the Magus will return (squee!) though it's unclear if that happens in Earthfall or a different series entirely. One called Buttkickers of the Fantastic. Oh well, simply more to look forward to.

Now here's the preview:

Happy Friday!


  1. Annihilators Earthfall #1 fu___n pissed me off right from the minute i picked it up off the shelf today. watch what i had to say about it whenever the time is right if you dare:

  2. hey Capt. Elias, you sounded like you were pretty stoked about this issue. i was expecting to hear what you had to say about it by now seeing as it's been out for a few days already.