Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Week's Comics

A brief look at what new comics I'll be purchasing today.


Batman #1: The batbook I'm most looking forward to, due to Scott Snyder's recent fantastic run on Detective Comics. Except an extended story arc, and expect quality.

Fables #1:  The decision for the new North Wind continues, as does Buffkin's heroic adventures in Oz. Always worth it.

Nightwing #1:  Don't know the writer or artist and not crazy about another return-to-the-circus storyline, but I'll pretty much always buy a comic that features Dick Grayson. Hopefully we'll address the whole not-being-Batman anymore thing.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1:  Jason Todd leading Starfire and Arsenal. Aside from gratuitous penis outlines, this could be a very interesting comic. Depending on Jason's hair color.


Avengers #17:  The different Fear Itself battles continue, and Hawkeye makes out with Spider-Woman before he gets a mystical weapon and becomes all anti-Worthy.

Avengers: Children's Crusade #7: Most anticipated release of the week. The X-Men vs. the Avengers. Also vs. the Young Avengers. And possibly X-Factor. Expect some beautiful splash pages, good fight scenes, emotional reunions, and unexpected character team-ups.

Daredevil #4:  The opening mini-arc is done, and now Matt Murdock works on his new form of legal business; coaching poor folk so that they can defend themselves. Also there might be something about Captain America still gunning for him, and also being part of the Avengers now. Regardless, a fun, beautiful book.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #3 of 3: I only bought this because the main X-Force title is so good. This is less worth it. And I hate Simone Bianchi's art. But it's the last one, so...

Generation Hope #11: Last time we were here, Idie became a murderer. There's definitely more Schism madness to expect here, as we know Idie ends up with Logan, and the rest stick wtih Cyclops (and somehow Sebastian Shaw...there gonna be some Hellfire Jr. vs Hellfire Sr. smackdown?) Also, there's that whole thing where giant sentinels are supposed to attack Utopia.

Heroes for Hire #12:  Guess Misty is done with the Fear Itself stuff, and is gonna bust the Hook drug dealer she's been tracking since issue 1. This title has been a disappointment, and I'm not sold on the eventual Villains for Hire twist, but at least I can follow Misty to the end of this chapter.

Invincible Iron Man #508:  I don't usually buy this one, but I think I'd like to see Tony making those mystical Asgardian weapons. Undecided.

Spider Island: Spider-Woman #1 of 1: Another undecided. Sounds fun, and might finally make me completely warm to Jessica Drew. I know she's been back for awhile, but I still think of that old character who used to pop up in Uncanny X-Men when they went to San Francisco. She was nice and familiar then, but still, never spectacular.

Uncanny X-Men #543:  Colossus is the new Juggernaut. 'Nuff said.

X-Factor #225:  A murder investigation and a lot of secrets. 'Nuff said.

X-Men #18:  More X-Men and FF crossover in crazy otherworldly jungle. I kinda love that Lee Forrester is involved in about characters returning from classic X-Men pages. Fun stuff.

X-Men Schism #4: Finally. This comic came out every two weeks at first, but they're stretching it a bit now. Still, it's been highly entertaining and satisfying. And now we get actual Cyclops vs. Wolverine violence, so we're at the heart of it. It's gonna be good.

Red Wing #3:  I honestly don't remember what happened last issue, though I do recall some convoluted time exposition. But it was solid and certainly beautiful so I think I'll keep supporting Hickman's indie work.

It's rather a heavy week, but that means I probably won't get them all read this evening, and thus will have new comics peppered throughout the next few days. Which can be lovely.

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  1. well Captain i share your enduring love for Misty Knight but i gotta disagree with you on this title. i got into it with issue #4. it wasn't a bad read but i wasn't too wild about the Puppet Master plot line but once it was over the book went into high gear on the awesomeness scale. the 3 way banter between Misty, Paladin and Spiderman made for some great dialogue mixed in with great action. but after the first Fear It's Self cross over story line in which i thought both the art and the script sucked i gave it a rest until today cuz i knew it was back to the hook drug story line. i thought both the art and story for this issue was great much like issues 6-8.