Friday, September 16, 2011

Preview: Avengers Children's Crusade #7

   That's #7 out of 9, for those of you keeping track. Which means this wonderful maxi-series will be over in about 4 to 6 months.

   Point being, it's the longest wait in comics, and the most worth it. The art is stunning, every Marvel character you've ever loved is in it, and not only are dangling storylines from years past being tied up neatly, they're being resolved in fun creative ways.

   Wanda is repentant. She's connecting with her sons. She's getting control of her powers again. She's repowering mutants. Rictor is back in force! So naturally the X-Men arrive with something to say about it. Here's the official description, and a couple preview pages after the jump.

IT'S THE AVENGERS VERSUS THE X-MEN - with the Young Avengers and X-Factor caught in the crossfire -- as all four teams battle to determine who will hold the Scarlet Witch responsible for her crimes. Plus, when the origin of the Scarlet Witch's godlike powers - and the secret history of her murderous rampage in 'Avengers: Disassembled' -- are finally revealed, the truth creates a rift among the members of the Young Avengers that the team may not survive.

Secret origin of Wanda's powers? Some kind of logical reason for Disassembled? Teen hero betrayal? Cap cracking wise and facing off with Cyclops? Oh, yes please.

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Happy Friday.

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  1. oh man that is one wicked cover! thanks for sharing that interior art too. people displaying stuff like this is a good way to whet the appetite of others for new books they haven't been following.
    on an unrelated note i wanted to let you know that i'm going to start updating that Pro-Israel blog i have with postings of Youtube videos of local stuff. last weekend on the 10th anniversary of 911 we disrupted some pro-palestinian crap in Berkeley. i posted the links today: