Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fear Itself Teasers

This epic, world-changing event is not my favorite. So far it is remarkably slow, steeped in an uninteresting mythology, full of villains neither exciting nor scary, and slightly insulting to Americans and 'ordinary' human nature in general.

Still, this is what's dominating the Marvel Universe all summer. Check out some previews and teasers after the jump.

In the upcoming installment we have Thor fighting a possessed Hulk and Thing:

God I hope I get the construction contract when this is all over!

Captain America wearing a goofy helmet to take on Sin/Skadi (who just killed his best friend Bucky) in Times Square:

Go Speed Racer
And a piss-drunk Tony Stark diving headlong off the wagon to bicker with all-powerful Odin:

What do you mean 'Last Call'?! Oh $@#! am I in Boston?

Yesterday Marvel released a teaser called The Mighty. So now, 4 issues in and not having seen anything exciting or meaningful, we all know the next big plot development and final smackdown. Several of the big (read: recently big) heroes will also get imbued with some divine power to become The Mighty and take on their evil, hammer-wielding counterparts The Worthy.  We even know who most of them are:

From Left to Right: Ms. Marvel, Iron Fist (yay!), Doc Strange, Iron Man, _____ (one of the current She-Hulks?), Nondescript petite hero (Black Widow, Sue Storm, Mockingbird, etc), Hawkeye and Spider-Man.

 Honestly, this doesn't feel like a Fraction story. Well, maybe it does, because it feels flat, flashy and originating in a vaguely superior place, much like his Uncanny run, but it doesn't feel like his work on Immortal Iron Fist.

And speaking of Iron Fist, who at least Fraction is helping to elevate still by putting him in the Mighty, look who's getting his own series?:

Featuring New Villain The Vocabulizer: He changes your body matter into parts of words, and removes your neck.

If it leads to more screen time for Danny Rand, I'll keep reading Fear Itself. Just don't ask me to enjoy it. Give me a Bendis' Avengers comic with 24 pages of monologues any day.

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