Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Logic Boards & Catherine Tate

My lovely, 2-month-old Macbook has been taken from me, and sent off to "The Compound" (a mysterious research and repair facility where they promise to fix its' Logic Board and teach it how to once again live in the real world...or is it?) and thus I am sent back into the 1990s where I must live for days on end without a personal computer.

It's a good thing I still have a HD flatscreen with cable DVR. And a cell phone (it's not smart, but I blame its mother.) Also there's that computer at work I use for 8 straight hours of the day. In fact, I'm using that now, but the boss is lingering so I'm afraid I have to make this short and sweet.

In truth I don't have much to say. DC Relaunch? Yeah that's still happening. Superman isn't married to Lois Lane and both sets of his parents are dead and he doesn't know how to fly and he's wearing light colored, boot-cut Wranglers in his costume? Sure, whatever, I am completely overexposed to DC press releases and news, I am far beyond consternation or even interest. Between that and San Diego Comic Con (which it seems everyone is attending, and for which I spend an hour every day experiencing clinical insanity and trying to track down a ticket) I honestly have no energy to talk comics. Howzabout we don't then? Perhaps we all just focus on releasing the best possible issues we can, every week, and just talk about them on Wednesdays? That seems far more manageable.

I'm still reading the Dune series, on the final book now (or at least, Frank Herbert's final one. Is it worth it to look into all the ones his son co-wrote later?) It's pretty spectacular. Have a whole stack of books to read next from the library, one recommended by Auggie of Covert Affairs, Snow Crash, and several by a wise and altruistic comment-er on this here blog. Basically it looks as if I'll be firmly ensconced in science fiction for the entire summer.

So who needs a computer when you have books? I'll tell you who: Americans who don't know who Catherine Tate is. So watch these clips, fall in love, and get very, very excited for the possibility of her as the new boss of The Office come Fall.


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