Wednesday, July 6, 2011

This Week's Comics

Captain Elias' Pull List


Batman and Robin #25: This title hasn't been my favorite since Morrison left (yes, I admitted it) especially when Tomasi did that weird Uma-Una-Oprah storyline, but I also have to admit I have a soft spot for Winnick. Especially when he's writing Jason Todd. And Jason ribbing Damian? Pretty good stuff. Not looking forward to losing the Dick/Damian dynamic either.

Flashpoint #3: This has been surprisingly enjoyable for me. The lovely Kubert art helps, but still, I didn't expect the story to be..well, at all interesting. Now I've grown warmer towards it, and even bought one of the side-stories (the Wonder Woman one since it was written by DnA.) And I'm thinking of expanding my Flashpoint universe view, maybe trying out the Batman miniseries.

Gotham Central Vol. 2 TPB: It seems weird that this is just coming out now in paperback, but regardless, if you haven't read this, heard of this, seen it, or own it, fix that. It's fantastic. Everything you love in a cop show, plus the occasional Batman cameo, and a lot of psychos. Infinitely better than Powers.

Superboy #9: Sticking with this because I started it and it will be ending soon, but man, what a disappointment. Everyone talked up this Lemire guy, but he made a not-terrific character, Connor Kent, who had been rather fun when Geoff Johns had him solo in Adventure Comics, into a boring, weak, flying piece of cardboard with a completely uninteresting mystery unfolding around him. Also he comes off rather dumb. It's a shame. And looking at Liefield's future ratty-shirt wearing tatted Superboy, I can't say the future is much brighter.

Titans Annual ?: I probably won't buy this, but it's on the list because I'm a sucker for things like: "It had to happen...The JLA Vs. (insert team here) "  There's the Roy/Dick drama, and then also seeing Donna Troy alive, that's nice. Bastards.

Irredeemable #27: Always good. Always worth it. Congrats Mr. Waid on the Harvey nom. (And congrats to The Gutters too! They got several.)


Fear Itself #4: So Bucky is either dead or in a coma or something. Naturally, this issue will explore Steve Rogers' grief while he puts on his old costume and goes out to kick ass. Except I have a feeling its the heroes who will continue to get their asses kicked. I mean, there's at least 3 more months of this story, so Fraction can heap on a whole lot more misery and shame and failure.

Fear Itself: Uncanny X-Force #1: I'm not getting tie-ins to Fear Itself, but I like this X-Force team, and while Simone Bianchi's art makes me nauseous, X-Force is going up against the Purifiers. I'm still pissed at them for blowing up the X-Men school bus and killing all those kids, so I'm up for some vengeance.

Heroes for Hire #9:  Elektra and...some other street level types hit the streets of Manhattan to keep the peace amidst all the frenzy. This has unfortunately become the weakest DnA title I've ever read (perhaps they're stretched too thin, between Marvel and DC) but it's still better than most comics out there. Plus I like Misty, and there's always a chance beautiful blond Danny Rand will show up.

Uncanny X-Men #540: I'm pretty sure this came out last week, but I'm not complaining. I'm not buying tie-ins to Fear Itself, but it seems I can't escape it. Juggernaut gets a crazy magic hammer and makes for San Fran. Solicits have spoiled the next development, showing Colossus putting on Juggy's helmet and ostensibly gaining the power of the Cytorrak in addition to his considerable might. Whatever, Gillen's tenure has been great so far, so I'm on board.

Vengeance #1 of 6: Remember when they teased this many months ago? And then never spoke about it again? I smell "stinker". BUT, I also heard Stacy X is in it. And the idea of depowered mutants getting angry and even appeals to me. I'll do a flip-through in-store and make a decision then.

X-Men #14: The weird Evolutionary story stumbles on. We get another retcon of Emma Frost's past, this time when she's in a psych hospital. Unoriginal and potentially crappy, I still can't help being interested by seeing more of Emma's formative years and undocumented past. Maybe I should skip this and just go write some fanfic.

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