Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sarah Michelle Gellar (& Anna Torv and some other chicks) Talk Sci/Fi and Comic Con

In what is clearly the greatest article idea ever touched upon by a journalist, assembled Sarah Michelle Gellar, Anna Torv, and a bunch of other actresses with television roles that can be described as science fiction and/or fantasy, to discuss the genres as well as this weekends international comic con.

The best part of the article (and bear in mind I haven't seen the video clips yet, still waiting for my fixed computer to arrive) is the prominence with which Sarah is featured. (Not only for Buffy but for her impending return to TV with Ringer.) Obviously that's what I'd expect, considering her monumental influence on culture, her consistence and longevity in such an enormous role, and her specific connection to this not-so-small world of genre television that can no longer really be described as "cult" or "niche."

But I can't tell you how it pleases me that other people see her in the same light. For some brief excerpts and more pics, hit the jump. Or, obviously, click the link and go read it for yourself.

Sarah on the "failure" of Wonder Woman:

Joss tried Wonder Woman. If there's anyone who writes female, knows female superheroes and really knows how to make them accessible for everybody, it's Joss, and he struggled with Wonder Woman, too. So it seems like that is a difficult one to tackle.

Sarah on minutae-babbling fans:

I always think I'm the biggest disappointment to Buffy fans because they'll be like, "Remember this episode?" and I'm like, "Wait, what happened?" I have to fake it. I have to "use my acting."

The lovely Anna Torv brings Aquaman and Ozymandias (?) into battle. Interesting crossover Agent Dunham.

From Left to Right: Blonde, Brunette, Blonde, SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, House chick, Anna Torv

Just you wait, O readers of exquisite taste, one day, one day I will have an interview with the incomparable Ms. Gellar. Maybe we won't meet in person (which would probably be best for my elocution and her personal space issues) but there will be some intelligent questions and subtle compliments and it will end in her asking me to be her new best friend.

Cause that's why you keep coming back to this blog: hard hitting journalism.

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