Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lunch Break Comics

Here's what I'll be buying at my friendly, neighborhood comic shop during my lunch break today.


Batman #712: Not a big Tony Daniel fan, as I've said, despite some pretty art, but this is at least the conclusion to his whole Two-Face storyline. Don't really recall much of it (except that Duela Dent returned?) but at least it's not just a filler, and there should be some nice fight scenes.

DC Retroactive Batman (& Wonder Woman) in the 70s: I'm actually pretty excited about this Retroactive One-Shot thing. Famous writers, writing stories for the heroes as if it were that time period? And a backup reprint of a classic issue? Count me in.

Flashpoint:  I skipped the first wave of tie-ins, but as this series grows on me, I might try some more out. This week has Wonder Woman and her Furies #2 and Deadman and the Flying Graysons #2. I might take a look and see if they have their #1s in stock.

JLA #59:  Yeah, the team is pretty boring. Yeah, Robinson has not been enjoyable at all. Yeah, I stopped buying the title for several months. But I got drawn in last issue with the whole possibly-mortal-wound to Donna Troy, plus her lack of appearances in Septembers DCnU Relaunch. Perhaps this is her last stand. If so, I kinda want to be there for it (it's just basic hero respect.)

Power Girl #26:  This comic is consistently fun and funny, and this issue seems to be an homage to slash mockery of this weekend's ginormous San Diego Comic Con. Well timed, DC and Judd Winick, well timed.


Avengers #15:  More Fear Itself battles for the non-big-three members of the team. And, wait, is that Monica Rambeau?? Photon?? Previously Captain Marvel?? Well damn, how bout that? I love her, and always enjoyed her time as an an Avenger in, what is for me, a classic period of the team. Plus she's from New Orleans, runs a restaurant, and has kickass powers. Here's hoping Bendis really brings her back for good.

Avengers Academy #16: Some doubt whether this is actually coming out today, but either way it's another Fear Itself tie-in. I believe the main conflict is Hank Pym taking on a Worthy-nated Absorbing Man, who's got a serious grudge against Pym, while trying to get back to his students on the other side of a world who have been thrust into a war. Exciting stuff.

Daredevil #1: The new look, direction, and team for DD premieres here, and everyone's excited. The smiley, stunt-making, risk-taking approach is certainly more attractive than the recent how-dark-can-we-make-him Matt Murdock years, but to be honest, they had me at "Mark Waid."

Generation Hope #9: This title is maybe a bit slow, but always well written and interesting. Apparently this issue a "light goes out"? Not sure if that means one of the Five Lights dies, or loses their powers, or a new light pops up in the world but they don't get to it. Either way, I trust Gillen with his own characters more than maybe I trust him with the main team.

Uncanny X-Men #541: Speaking of Gillen on the main team, here's his obligatory X-Men Fear Itself tie-in, with Juggernaut rampaging through San Fran and only the X-Men there to stop him. I feel like this already came out for some reason, but maybe I just got bored by the Preview already. Although there is certainly potential. I don't need to see more of the San Fran mayor, but an all-out X-fight with a superpowered Juggernaut? That reminds me of some of my favorite Claremont stories.

X-Factor #222:  Rahne's baby is finally coming, and thus hordes of demons are besieging X-Factor. And also a "familiar face" arrives to save the day. Darwin? Hela? Quicksilver? Man this comic is fantastic.

X-Men #15:  This whole Evolutionary story has been rather lame, and certainly dragged out, but I think this is the final one. Enough with the flashbacks, let's get some final explanations and the necessary all-out fight that's been brewing but so far has been horribly one-sided.


Walking Dead #87:  Seems like this issue is focused on characters who are NOT Rick, Carl or Michonne. Laying groundwork for who would be the main characters of the series if Carl were to die from his wounds and Rick to follow suit? Or if Kirkman decides to tell stories that leave their new community and follow some of the other guys? Not sure, but it's still always a fun read. Also, c'mon, please let Carl live. How much can that family freakin' go through?


What to eat while reading comics:  I'm thinking something healthy and also something that can be eaten one-handed. Obviously. Like Chicken Fingers and Fries. Obviously.

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  1. Posted at 9:13am and already thinking about lunch. Man after my own heart. Never heard of Power Girl but looks cool. Your Wednesday spree reminds me it might be great to highlight some cool comic shops you like in NY, or get a reader poll going.