Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Trailers for Ringer, Doctor Who, and the Avengers

Just a brief post showing some of the things that make me squeal like a pig being taken to...a really exciting, not-painful slaughterhouse.

Sarah Michelle Gellar's new Ringer promo is fresh out of San Diego Comic Con, as is the Doctor Who one. Reading the reports on their respective panels at SDCC I am filled with the exact same impression I always get from comic cons; nothing pertinent was revealed, but trust us, it was fun to hang out with these guys in person.

The Avengers trailer is from the end of Captain America. It won't last long online, so if you're some kind of evil, heartless, Satan-spawn, and thus have no intention of seeing Captain America in theatres...or if you have a severe anxiety disorder and suffer from agoraphobia...just click on the jump.

Ringer or Sarah Michelle Gellar in Two Complicated, Exciting Roles Surrounded by Several Handsome Men ('bout time she got showcased)

Doctor Who or The Second Half of the Season You Almost Forgot You Were Being Tortured By Waiting For

The Avengers or Joss Whedon Can Totally Get Away With the Tagline 'Some Assembly Required'

And because I can't help myself, one more Ringer ad, specifically the newest one to be used on busses that is already getting a lot of attention for the striking sideboob.

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