Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lunch Break Comics

Wednesday lunch breaks are often the best, picking up my new comics, grabbing some grub, and securing the best bench in Trinity Church. I must make reference to my local comic store of choice, Chameleon Comics on Maiden Lane, where the employees are kind and have good memories, the clientele are professionals who make me feel very young, and members get a not insignificant discount on all purchases. Thank you, Gentlemen.

My comic list is after the jump.


DC Retroactive: I bought a couple of these last week, and despite the exciting idea they were extremely disappointing. Certainly not worh 5 bucks. However I may still give the Justice League one a flip-through in store.

Detective Comics #880: I was a fool for not jumping on Scott Snyder's Bat-run when it began, but at least I've reformed. The last two issues I've picked up have been fantastic. I want to read more about Jim Gordon's psycho son, and I think Snyder writes the best Dick Grayson Batman I've read (shame since there's only a few months left for Dickie boy.) Plus the Joker's in this one!

Fables #107: Fantastic comic, as almost everyone seems to know. In the wake of the Comic Con announcement that another spinoff will come out soon, featuring the ladies of Fables titled "Fairest", we have a one-shot story involving Sleeping Beauty, who is still asleep after her integral part played in the war. Should be good, as always. Also interested to see how Bigby and Snow deal with their kids being vetted for the next North Wind.

Flashpoint: Kid Flash and Lois Lane & the Resistance: Flashpoint is also something I wish I jumped onto sooner. Even the side issues are great, and unfortunately I missed most of the #1s. Still, no shame jumping on in the middle.

Teen Titans #98: Actually very painfully bad, but it's ending soon and being completely retooled, and at least Tim Drake is team leader and hasn't been entirely changed. Featuring the return of Superboy Prime so expect a lot of angst and bouts of ill-timed rage.


Amazing Spider-Man #666: The highly anticipated, but not overmarketed, Spider Island begins here. Looks pretty great, and Dan Slott says its his best work yet, which is saying something. Everyone in Manhattan develops Spidey's powers. What could go wrong? Can't wait to see MJ as a superhero.

Astonishing X-Men #40: Honestly don't remember buying the last one, so I'm undecided here. Two things keep considering it though. 1. Christos Gage is a good writer. 2. I recently picked up some gorgeous, fun old Uncanny Issues, including the storyline in the #160s that dealt with the Brood infecting the team (and Carol Danvers) so it just seems like fate to now read Gage revisiting the Brood.

Captain America & Bucky #620: I'm not actually buying this. To be clear, Brubaker has proven his ability to write Cap and Bucky, as well as his skill at telling flashback/origin stories. But after the movie, reading Winter Soldier, and the events of Fear Itself, it's just too sad to read their original meeting through Bucky's perspective. Can't handle it.

FF#7: That such a beautiful, plotted, acclaimed book can be so dull is really remarkable. I love Black Bolt and the Inhumans, I loved War/Reign of Kings, and yet I'm bored. I'm also unclear what it has to do with anything. Is Attilan one of the Four Cities at war? Are we laying groundwork for Annihilators Earthfall? I'll stick around for a bit, but let's hope this pics up.

New Mutants #28: Pretty sure this already came out, but its on ComicList's list, so it's on mine, just in case.

Secret Avengers #15: The most disappointing Avengers book by far, including recent Fear Itself issues, but this one has the New Avengers in it, and it seems this is where we first see Daredevil in the story arc that leads to him joining the team.

Uncanny X-Force #12:  The Dark Angel Saga heats up, and by all accounts there are big things in store. Though that cover is definitely misleading...Betsy isn't hooking up with Fantomex right? I mean, what does he even look like? Rarely does one wear a full-face mask if one is beautiful (see: Deadpool.)

X-Men Legacy #252: The splinter, semi-hardcore X-team sent after Legion's errant personalities, post Age of X, is interesting, if slow paced, and finally reaching the conclusion. As much as I love Carey, and this story, and Rogue and Magneto building to something, and Frenzy kindasorta attempting redemption, I just want this one out of the way so we can get to the return of HAVOK, POLARIS and RACHEL!!

X-Men Schism #2:  I find it incredibly hard to believe that this is already out ComicsList. What are you doing to me? However, if it is, I will be very excited cause the first issue was solid and I'm enjoying the event already, and thus I will eat my words and trust you forever.

Phew! That's it. Not a small week, but there have been larger. God I am such a sucker. But lunch is gonna be fun! Not to mention post-work reading hours. Have a great day everybody!

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