Thursday, January 12, 2012

Avengers vs. X-Men: One-on-One Battles Revealed

While many things remain uncertain (elections, olympics, apocalypse) some things are very clear; 2012 is the year of Avengers vs. X-Men. And with that comes, as promised, the tie-in title Versus, the grudge-match showdowns, the stage for the one-on-one battles that we have all imagined and argued over throughout our adolescence.

As the publishers and marketers begin to tease us, and reveal, little by little, news and information for this epic upcoming event, we start to get a look at the line-up. It's a fun thing to behold.
Luke Cage vs. The Beast:  Both are Avengers, which is obviously a bit awkward, but I guess Hank decided to stand by his new position at the School. Or else the Avengers are looking to kill Hope before the Phoenix kills everyone else and Hank doesn't cotton to infanticide.

Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue:  Obviously a lot of history here and bad blood. I think they tangled a bit in Ms. Marvel's semi-short solo title a couple years back, but that was mostly Mystique, and Rogue had a fun fight with Ms. Marvel impersonator Moonstone during that Utopia business. Point is, there's a lot of emotional scarring here, but the thing that's changed? Rogue has complete control of her powers now.

The Hulk vs. Emma Frost:  Yeahbuhwha?? She's tried shutting his brain down when he attacked the mansion in World War Hulk and that didn't work. And I don't expect diamond-form's gonna stop the Hulk. Why is the Hulk even involved? The Red one is an Avenger, not the newly non-Bruce-Banner green guy. Strange pairing.

Spidey vs. Iceman:  Bobby's all "amazing" these days, so hopefully he can step it up. But the point is these two are friends...superfriends, really. And I have a feeling Spidey's gonna be one of the most vocal about his misgivings.

Iron Man vs. Magneto:  I actually remember seeing this before, and I imagine it won't have the predictable ending you're expecting. But I would be disappointed if Magneto lost this one. Always kinda fun to see Stark lose face to an X-Man, despite his brilliance. Besides, he loses fights so often he should join the New Avengers. Also this cover artist? The guy who did the Second Coming covers? He's fantastic. Blows the other artists in this marketing campaign out of the water.

Black Widow vs. Psylocke:  This is one I hadn't thought of or heard of and I love it. It's fairly perfect, except that Natasha is completely outpowered. Betsy's Omega-level these days and she's got lots of ninja moves to boot. I get that Widow's amazing and super-long-lived, but she's still kind of annoying, and used to be a red commie pinko murderin' spy. My votes for the British chick, no question.

Thor vs. Storm:  This is obviously my favorite bout, and the best match-up. Clearly I want Storm to win, but as long as it's a good fight I'll probably be satisfied (I'm still happy she beat Wonder Woman back in Marvel vs. DC, even though she just fried her with lightning a lot.) God vs. Goddess. God of Thunder vs. The Wind Rider. I'm not sure how Thor is back alive and not that other dude Thanagar but whatever, I don't care that much. Just don't do a lightning-off. Storm has so much power and control and there are so many kinds of weather, I'm hoping for a truly original, inventive, surprising, long fight here.

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  1. Im with you...May Storm beat him and hope this is her year to shine

    1. I feel the same way. Storm is such a great character and with so much potential. I don't know whats wrong with these people that write comics. Give Storm a chance to shine. And for the love of God, she can do so much more than throw bolts of lighting! People come on!