Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This Week's Comics

This week brings me my mostly standard Marvel fare, with the notable plot excitement coming in X-Factor #230; this title seems to ship far more often than any other, and I truly appreciate that. After several months of teases and solicits and speculation, Havok and Polaris make their X-Factor return/debut today. Even without Jamie dying slash stuck on a roller coaster of dimensional Dupe-Death hopping, or seeing Layla grieve, or Monet dealing with Guido's missing soul, or Rictor and Shatterstar doing...just about anything, Lorna and Alex coming back makes it my Pick of the Week.

X-Factor #230: POTW

 Other points of interest include the first X-Men Legacy written by Christos Gage and taking place in the Jean Grey School, as well as a slow but heartfelt search for Unwritten back issues. I need my Mike Carey fix and it turns out all the critics were right; this comic is amazing.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 9 #5:  It's called "Slayer, Interrupted" and it seems to be a dream-time issue, perhaps, or dreams-coming-to-life, one of those age-old conceits that Buffy used to take and twist on a weekly basis as a show. Its impact as a comic is considerably less (I can't even remember how the first arc concluded) but it's still a fun read.



Batgirl #5:  I don't know why I keep putting this on my list, when I know I just use it as an example of my new frugality and will power. I guess I just assumed Gail Simone was a better writer than this. If you're gonna keep doing original villains, can't you make them better? Mirror just didn't cut it, especially for the opening story. And Gretel sounds like some feminist allegory that is only tolerable in a one-shot.

Unwritten #33: I'm obviously not up to this point in Unwritten yet, or even close, so I'm not buying this but I want it on my list. The covers to this book are...unsettling, generally, but always interesting, and so far quite different from the internal art. This book is amazing though. I need to find more of it.


Amazing Spidey #677 (?):  As usual, I only put Spidey on the list if there's a crossover. I'm not decided on this one yet, but the crossover is short and it's Spidey and Daredevil. Considering how fantastic the DD comic is, I don't want to miss the first part of the story. I'll make up my mind in the store.

New Avengers #20:  New vs. Dark. Jessica Jones/Jewel/Power Woman makes some kind of decision for once. And the team possibly doesn't get their asses kicked for the first time in 6 months.

Secret Avengers #21:  Warren Ellis continues to write decent, if rather tame, Planetary stories with a cast of offbeat Avengers and Steve Rogers. It's actually become rather fun, now that I know he won't be the writer much longer. Still, I just don't get the allure of Black Widow, War Machine or Moon Knight. Or Sharon Carter for that matter. And where's Ant-Man been all this time?

Wolverine #300 (?): I don't know if this is really on my list either. I never buy the Wolverine solo title, or I haven't since the '90s. Try and limit myself in that respect at least. BUT Jason Aaron's is, reportedly, terrific with Logan on his own. AND it's a #300, which is always fun and extra sized and hopefully has x-guest stars. TBD.

X-Factor #230:  Already discussed. Don't miss it.

X-Men Legacy #260.1: The comic with the most pressure on it this week. Gage has filled in big shoes before, but I'm feeling touchy about Rogue and Mike Carey these days. You have been warned.

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