Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iron Phoenix Fist Force

UPDATED: Two new AvX covers, released today, are posted at the bottom.

Despite being months away, it seems that every new day of 2012 brings us new images from the Avengers vs. X-Men event. Three more covers stand revealed, and while two are standard, aesthetically pleasing, expected and fun, the other is just...yeahbuhwha??!

Iron Phoenix? Phoenix Fist? Iron Maiden Phoenix? White Hot Fist? Dragon of the Phoenix? Chi Force?

It's a little perplexing. Sure, Danny Rand is super spiritually charged, with Chi flowing every which way and whatnot, and he survived that little trip to some other dimension with the Eye of Agomotto and the dude who taught Stephen Strange whose name I forget. He's defied prophesies, wielded great power, and took a stand against crime and racism back when the city was a complete shithole (pre-Guiliani.) None of which qualifies him to carry the Phoenix Force. Or even to be able to channel a tiny microbe of its power.

Whereas Hope was ostensibly bred for this express purpose (not that we're entirely clear on her biological origins.) I even by Wanda Maximoff becoming the Phoenix, though I don't see that working out well (last Life Force to inhabit her could have used some EffexorTM.)

Also Danny's not a red-head. He's a handsome blond, obscenely rich, entirely crushable fictional character, and if the Phoenix burns him to bits, I'll be pissed. If, however, it's just a fun share-my-power interlude, and then Jean Grey pops back into existence, I'll enjoy myself.

Update - New Covers:

Looks like Wolvie's goin' after Hope. Interesting.

Presumably this new "secret" line-up is heading to space to stop the Phoenix. Good luck with that.

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