Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This Week's Comics - 1/18/12

It's a mercifully light week, with only 5 Marvels and 2 DCs making the cut. The problem with light weeks is that once you're done selecting new comics, your stack neatly assembled, waiting on a small line for the cashier, that's when you notice the bargain bins.

Vintage Uncanny X-Men issues for 50% off sticker price. Alternate universe hardcovers marked down 70% from retail price. That semi-new indie comic everyone's been talking about, collected and released at a manageable price. Hell, even the Thor and Captain America keychains suddenly look like the most beautiful man-made creations in the history of human artistry.

In moments such as this, moments of savage trial and epic temptation, I encourage you to breathe, to return your gaze to your eagerly assembled original comics stack, and attempt to put on blinders. You must block out the strangely illuminated treasure that fills up the counter space of a comic store. You must be strong, and brave, and pay for your comics as quickly as possible. Once cash or credit has changed hands, you can reopen your peripheral vision and even safely converse with employees, as the chances of 2nd round chotchky/back issue buying are far less.

Good luck to you, bold traveller. Hit the jump for my list.

Batman #5:  Snyder's Owl epic continues, and much as I enjoyed his Detective run, I haven't gotten into this story so much. At least not yet. I DO feel as if it comes out very slowly, and whenever I look for a new Snyder on the rack there's a Daniel. Regardless, this month could be fun. Very classic set-up; Batman stuck underground in a perilous maze-like death trap. Or something along those lines. Plus, more Owl info. Not looking forward to any crossovers (unless it's all written by Snyder) but his individual adventures should satisfy everyone.

Fables #113:  Seemingly a break from the ongoing action, and a look at some of the favorite Fables characters and their lives back in the good ol' not-hunted-and-forced-from-their-homes days. Sounds enjoyable as hell, and, as always, one of the prettiest comic books ever.


Avengers #21:  Storm gets the cover, and hopefully some legit action in the interior as well. In fact, with the track record both Avengers teams have been having for the past 6 months or so, the addition of Storm should help them kick some ass. There's a reason Cyke put her on the X-tinction Team. You don't screw with Ororo.

Daredevil #8:  The crossover with Spider-Man continues (and concludes I believe) and I don't think you needed to read the first half in Amazing Spidey. The team on this book is more than capable of telling the whole story. Black Cat is acting suspiciously villainous, but she's not dealing with just-rejected, looking-for-a-date Peter Parker anymore. She's got Matt Murdock on her little cat butt, and I'm pretty sure 'bad luck' powers aren't gonna cut it. Wow, turns out I really don't like the Black Cat.

Generation Hope #15:  The inevitable conflict (which will be inevitably diffused but lead to great tension) over Sebastian Shaw, albeit a mind-wiped one, joining Utopia. Expect Emma/Scott conflict, hopefully some truth digging by Hope, and an "unlikely romance" which makes me think Kenji and Martha Johansson are gonna get it on somehow. Gross.

New Mutants #36:  The arc with Blink and the entropy/natural disaster causing death metal band Diskord continues. I love DnA, I do, but pick it up a notch or 4 please. If Blink's joining the team, there must be a cooler way to do it. At the very least let's give Dani another cool fight scene. And settle the whole Amara/Bobby tension once and for all.

Uncanny X-Force #20:  The trial of Fantomex. The Omniverse. The Captain Britain Corps. Brian Braddock. Rick Remender brings us the beginning of a new X-Force adventure, one that borrows its setting from some great classic X-comics, like Claremont and Davis' Excalibur, only way more modern and palatable. Going off how he handled the Age of Apocalypse world, count me super frakkin' excited.

Uncanny X-Men #5:  Gillen's premiere Sinister arc is completed, and it was in fact rather satisfying and smart. The brief phalanx interlude was enjoyable and emotional as well. Now, I guess a new arc begins. Or maybe it's another one-off, showcasing his premiere team's ability to save the world and be super heroes who "make the Avengers obsolete." Their new fight involves some bat-like creatures, a hardcore Psylocke (always welcome) and an alternate universe.

Comics, everybody! (I stole that.)

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