Thursday, January 5, 2012

Peter David on X-Factor's Changes

Comic Book Resources has another fun X-Position installment with Peter David, writer of X-Factor, answering fan questions about various topics and specifically the upcoming return of Havok and Polaris to the team.

Hit the jump for some choice tidbits, insights, and pictures. Or just go read it yourself.

-Despite the use of the word "brother", Shatterstar & Longshot's true relationship has not been revealed. PAD, turns out, is still unsure about adding the whole Benjamin Russell complication to the mix (though apparently he's got a good idea worked out if he does.)

-Layla's not done getting piled on re: her soulless resurrection power.

-Rahne's demony wolf son will return in 2012, and so will Darwin.

-PAD vows not to have an issue where leadership of the team is decided by "Madrox vs. Havok!!!" though he admits it would sell a lot of copies.

-PAD is uncertain about the depths he'll go into Polaris background, namely her long unwritten origin, as well as even her relationship with Poppa Magneto.

-X-Factor will not be turning into a straight up superhero book, as PAD is excited about how this cast gives him a versatility to tell any kind of story he wants.

-Wanda Maximoff might make a guest shot (after all she's Lorna's sister, and there's that whole Layla-connection.)

-PAD plans his stories about 6 months ahead, but with an eye for more long-term stuff (like Layla and Jamie's wedding leading to his dimension hopping trip.)

-If 2012 Apocalypse is proven and impending, PAD promises to reveal the truth of Shatterstar and Longshot.

-PAD talks a bunch about another project he has with a bunch of writers called Crazy 8 Press that has something to do with publishing directly through amazon/kindle/barnes&noble/nook and using social media to promote fiction. I'd check out the website to learn what he's talking about, but what is of more interest is him plugging his fantasy trilogy "The Hidden Earth." I'm always very interested in the fantasies my favorite comic writers write, and have had a bunch of Mike Carey's dark detective magic-y novels on my library queue for awhile. Time for Mr. David to join the list.

And that's about it. Characters coming back, characters facing tough times, and a unique comic book determined to stay unique.

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