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This Week's Comics - 1/24/12

Reading habits always suffer during the second week of a Grand Slam, and while the Australian Open may take a bit more out of a fan (marquis matches airing at 330am start wearing you down by the Semifinals) the Live feed of Melbourne time gives one several opens for catching up on comics.

Fortunately it's a pretty thin week, with even those reliable titles that seem to ship three times a month (X-Factor, Amazing Spider-Man, etc.) taking a little break, and the general status quo of both universes falling somewhere in the calm spot between major events. With all the talk of Avengers vs. X-Men, and even the Batman line crossover, this will surely not last for long.

Hit jump, peruse listage. And don't miss Nadal v. Federer at 330 ET tonight/tomorrow morning.


Angel and Faith #6:  "A mysterious illness is plaguing the streets of London and turning everyday humans into emotionless killers. The Watcher's Files, which may be the key to unraveling this mystery, have led Angel and Faith to seek out a demon from Giles's past for answers. Meanwhile a peculiar friend and foe returns to London and to Angel's inner circle." I was trying to figure out who the 'peculiar friend and foe' would be, and then it hit me: Christos Gage has already shown us. Whistler! He's been hanging with AngelTwilights psycho vamp siblings. Funnily enough, I'm pretty sure my DVR is taping a rerun of his finest hour, Becoming, on Chiller at this very moment. If he's leaning towards evil these days, let's hope his ribcage becomes a hat and soon.


The Unwritten #33.5:  If I had money, I would probably be buying a bunch of DC superhero comics (like Aquaman or Justice League) but I don't and I don't love them enough to budget around them. Unwritten, however, is one of my new favorite comics ever, and I'm gonna start collecting the individual issues with moderation and perspicacity. The trades would be good too. This .5 issue delves into the mysterious origins of the dastardly and wise Mrs. Rausch, the powerful puppeteer with a personally perplexing purpose. On another note, dear God Mr. Carey, it's time for you to write some real Tommy Taylor novels. You've got so many plots broken down for them anyway, turn your fiction into more real literature and make the Unwritten themes come to life. Please.


Walking Dead #93:  I might not buy this. Probably won't. It's hard to stay with these, they're slow and short and not much happens. They're much better in trades. Or just read all at once. Then again #100 is coming up. And for once there's a real sense of hope. Rick might make things work this time. Community. Family. Safety. Love. Oh man who am I kidding, I'm gonna buy it because Andrea's gonna probably fall down a well with some cannibals and Rick has to throw his son down to kill them all while eating rat poison and cutting off a foot. Whenever there's hope, crushing violent gory despair soon follows.


Astonishing X-Men #46:  Alternature future story continues or hopefully concludes yada yada yada. I don't remember much, except Logan's got some new facial hair, alternate Storm never let go of her punk phase and somehow is into Scott, and there was possibly a betrayal of some kind, perhaps by the weird Angel, messianic figure in this reality. Let's have some canon stories soon, ok? After Age of X, no one's gonna come up with anything good enough for awhile.

Fantastic Four #602:  The epic, world-breaking, universe-shaking, highly-anticipated, Fantastic Four Annihilus Galactus Johnny Storm Inhumans monster event still, apparently, is going on. The big 600 issue was a long time ago, assembling earth's mightiest for help, and I've completely lost track of Hickman's sprawling, pace-challenged opus. Still pretty though.

FF #14:  The Doom-saves-everything bit is getting kinda tired as well, but at least this title focuses on Valeria and Franklin and the other brilliant strange kids of the Foundation. Less pretty, but equally relevant, or so I'm told. To be honest, I could use some more Black Bolt in these stories.

Secret Avengers #21.1:  New writer, new direction. Hawkeye joins the team (or possibly takes over? co-leader?) and him and Steve Rogers hit Vegas up. I'm curious how they end up getting Captain Britain on the team who, though established in Age of Heroes as on call for Avenger-ing, is now in Uncanny X-Force and busy with his omniverse or whatever. Also, much as I like him and have fondness for oldschool Excalibur, he's pretty stiff and boring. And considering your team has War Machine, Moon Knight, Black Widow, and the, like, 5th Ant-Man, it's a strange addition.

X-Men Legacy #261:  Christos Gage's tenure on Legacy begins in earnest here as normal numbering resumes, and Rogue and her team face the oncoming threat of Exodus, always a fun mostly-pyschotic X-villain that leads to dangerous extremism and great battles. I also expect it to be a great storyline for Joanna/Frenxy, once a disciple of Exodus', last seen in his employ during Carey's early days of the run. That plus sucking face with Gambit should lead to some enjoyable tension.

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