Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Captain Elias Presents The Unflappable Captain Kearney

The Unflappable Captain Kearney is owned & produced by
Wooden World Comics, Copyright, TM and shall be defended
with the full force of Captain Elias' sawed-off shotgun.

Coming up next time:

Lieutenant Jenkins meets God.


  1. Must of been a razor sharp cannon ball to just cut him in half.

  2. In fact that was at least a 32 pound cannonball (a standard size for the French ships of the line) being fired at him from an appalling proximity, charged with a large amount of gunpowder and hurled by a hot iron cannon.

    So yes, men were often cut in half, limbs taken cleanly off, heads splattered, and massive ships with 3 foot wooden sides would be shot straight through.