Friday, May 6, 2011

The Week in Review

It's been an eventful week, so here's a little helpful roundup of things both missed and left to look forward to.


-Osama Bin Laden got double tapped by some God-like Navy SEALs. Not much to say anymore, though Ann Coulter's tweet sums things up well:  "If Osama is really dead, who’s the guy I got chained up in the horse stall out back?"


-Well, Fear Itself is still...going on. Only 6 months left! They're very clever with their marketing though--where once I was deluged by press and ads and teasers for this event, now I see nothing except once a month when the new issue comes out. And by then I've nearly forgotten how disinterested and even offended I was by the last one, so I pick it up.  I miss Matt Fraction from his Iron Fist days.

-Speaking of Big 2 writers who don't seem effective any more, Paul Jenkins' Prelude to Schism was quite the boring empty rip off. I enjoy reading Professor X's thought process as much as the next geek, and explosions aren't necessary for a good comic, but dear God let something happen. Or at least say something other than "Cyclops is a really great guy."

-Little else this week bears repeating, except for the talented team of DnA who rock every book they're ever given. (Please bring back Guardians.)

-Justified Season 2 ended, and has left an unexpectedly large hole in the week's programming. Olyphant is flawless, the supporting cast too deep to even get to, and the writers hit the right mood and mark every single week. Saw the end coming, and wasn't as hugely climactic as first season, but it was appropriate and dramatic. Just wish it wasn't gonna be an entire year before they deal with all the dangling plot threads. Give Olyphant more leading roles!

-The Killing has gotten completely lame. I know the Danish version had about 20 episodes, and they already shortened that down to 13 for us, but the last two were complete fillers. The suspects haven't changed, the characters haven't developed, and the viewers have had to sit through two more hours with grieving parents. Listen up writers; maybe in Scandinavia, grief for grief's sake is entertaining or full of meaning. But here it is tedious, cheap manipulation with which you don't even say anything remotely pertinent about death or family or parenting or regret etc. You just do close ups on vacant stares and make us want to fast forward the DVR. Pick it up.

-Community brought back paintball. And it's a 2-parter. Possibly the greatest episode ever. Long live Annie. 'Nuff said.

-Fringe season finale on tonight!! Will a Universe die? Or perhaps just Peter? Or maybe just Bolivia? Whatever it is, expect to be surprised. This season has been fantastic, from the digitally animated sequence to my absolute favorite part ever: Olivia (Anna Torv) possessed by Billy (Leonard Nimoy.) I've said it before but it bears repeating: Torv needs an emmy.

-Doctor Who is new this weekend as well. It involves the Doctor, Amy, Rory and pirates. Also a mermaid and a curse and a plank and a pirate ship. Guess you'll know where I'll be.


-I Am Number Four is worth watching for the sake of the delicious eye candy, but not much else.

This picture is absolutely necessary to the understanding of this post.

-No Strings Attached was so inexplicably painful that I do not even have the strength to provide a review, save to say "stay away from this monstrously shallow, vulgar, pointless piece of crap."

-In more more exciting news, and what will hopefully be a better step for the ubiquitous Ms. Portman, THOR is in theatres as we speak!! Kenneth Branagh's comic book movie debut has gotten wonderful reviews, and I for one can't wait to see it after work today. I'll let you know my thoughts. But if you go today remember to sit through the credits. These Marvel franchise movies love teasing us for the next one when everything's done. Usually with Sam Jackson's Nick Fury who you should know is a super-spy, which makes it rather funny that Jackson lost his script the first week of filming. I promise not to read a page though :-) I've waited far longer than a year before to see something Joss Whedon's making.

Happy Friday!!


Clearly, I have a problem.

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