Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This Week's Comics

Without further ado, this week's pull list. (Thankfully not as large as last week's, which nearly broke the already meager bank account.)


Superboy #7: This is the only DC title I'm picking up this week, and while I much preferred Geoff Johns brief run rebooting Superboy last year, Jeff Lemire writing Smallville has a quaint, old-timey comics sensibility that can be enjoyable. At least until last month when they told him he was part of a crossover and thus we had several pages of Doomsday beating the crap out of Connor (though some nice pages of him having a heart to heart with Red Robin---best superhero buddy relationship ever.) This week we see him go evil, and as I recall him breaking Tim's arm years ago and hurting even Cassie, this could be a good one.


Annihilators #3: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning are quite possibly my favorite comic writers out there. Few things, if any, gave me as much joy as discovering Guardians of the Galaxy. My lasting grief at its ending, not to mention the ending of Nova's title, Star-Lord, all supporting characters, and all cosmic events, is tempered by two things only: One, that Marvel has not completely abandoned their critically acclaimed cosmic line-up, and a new event will bring them back soon, and Two, this comic. The heaviest hitters of the universe banded together? You had me at Quasar. The team takes on the Dire Wraiths, and Rocket Racoon and Great show up in the bizarre but likable backup.

Avengers Academy #13 and Avengers Academy Giant Size #1: This title is entertaining and consistent and well written, so I'm definitely sticking with it. The regular issue deals with some kind of super powered prom, a natural boiling cauldron of angst, hormones, and mutated genomes. I'll even buy the Giant Size gimmick, even though it seems to feature the Young Allies whom I have no interest in (except maybe Firestar) and anime-looking art, which makes me nauseous.

Fear Itself #2: Not much to say here. Did not enjoy the first one but its a major event and the art is pretty and I hate missing stuff. (Recap of first part: Mosque protesters at Ground Zero beaned Steve Rogers in the head.. Last I checked they were still there partying about Osama, and even Obama's visiting tomorrow. Watch out for flying bricks Mr. President, as apparently we're all savages.) Also, Thor and Odin say more harsh stuff to each other and continue their pubescent father-son wrangling with Odin's version of "Go toeth your roometh!" translating as binding Thor in magic chains.

Heroes for Hire #6: Another DnA comic and therefore one I will buy. Love Misty Knight, though this budding relationship with Paladin is a bit weird. I only know him from Silver Sable really, but they should take his mask off and show off his good looking blond side (Misty sure does have a type does she? Can't blame her, but honestly, who wouldn't be with Danny Rand if they had the chance?) This month, Spidey shows up! I have no doubt DnA can nail Peter Parker's dialogue.

Uncanny X-Force #9: Last issue with the Shadow King was great, so expect to see the fallout; namely, is Warren now completely homicidal? Has Archangel taken over? How often can Fantomex be stabbed in the chest and survive? And does this comic come out every week?

X-Me: Prelude to Schism #1: Now here's a crossover I'm looking forward to. While this prelude is 4 issues long, and therefore there's a while to wait before Schism begins, I have high hopes. Paul Jenkins is pretty much a legend (don't think Sentry, think The Inhumans. God what a great book that was.) It seems we first see signs of the upcoming split among the X-Men through Professor X himself, the founder and current man-on-the-outside. This seems like a whole new X-event, mature and psychological and maybe, God willing, it involves at least some of the X-Men leaving frikkin San Fransisco.

Boom! Studios

Irredeemable #25: I'm not exactly sure I know what's happening at this point in the series. The Plutonian is still on the prison planet with his mysterious ally? Or possibly the prison is still in his mind? Regardless, the earthbound Paradigm are obviously in trouble as a power-hungry Survivor has recruited old villains to join the team. Let's see what Qubit, and the crazy-in-love-with-Tony Modeus can do to fix things.



  1. Annihilators got off to a good start but issue 3 about half way through started running into problems. Abnett & Lanning are gonna have to come up big with #4 in order to please marvel cosmic fans and fans of ROM Spaceknight.
    i've picked up the last 3 issues of H4H which includes #6. i enjoyed this issue the most largely because that whole Puppet Master bit is in the rear view mirror.

  2. Thanks for reading David!

    I agree on both points. I'm not exactly sure what's missing from Annihilators, considering the cast (and that I tend to like anything with Quasar) but maybe that's just it; too many heavy-hitters in one place who could easily carry their own book. As for ROM Spaceknight I can't say I have the street cred of a true fan, but I have enjoyed them showing up sporadically during DnA's cosmic run.

    I'm not as critical of the H4H Puppet Master storyline as I've seen others be, but it's possible it went on a couple issues too long. Also, that dude is super creepy to look at. I basically just want more Iron Fist! He hardly gets speaking time in New Avengers.

    Have you read DnA's New Mutants premiere? I thought it was pretty solid, but I can imagine feeling something is missing there too.

    so what do all 3 titles have in common? They're not Guardians of the Galaxy. I miss my GOTG.

  3. ah so this is where you found out about the ROM blog! i saw your comment and replied thanks. i try to orientate the blog so that you don't have to be a hard core ROM fan to enjoy the blog. yeah i'm hearinh that from a lot of people about GOTG. honestly all the way back to the 80's i've never been into New Mutants. i've just never been able to connect to any of the charatcers.

  4. i just noticed you have Jihad Watch in your blog roll. no wonder you joined my other blog. sorry to say i don't really update that site it's more there as a political cartoon art gallery. but all that stuff comes from me at least :)

  5. sorry dude i'm such a scatter brain tonight with all these after thoughts. did you say something about Iron Fist? i don't know if you know about this blog yet but if you don't you need to check it out:
    i just saw in your profile your from N.Y. i don't know what it is with all the people i network with but i just seem to find you all back east and some in the Mid West. i never connect with other people here on the West Coast.

  6. Ha! Well, I think in general it's obvious. If one takes the word "jihad" seriously, and on seeing a keffiyeh is filled with anger and fear rather than admiration for keen fashion sense, then chances are that person does not live out West. I've visited a few times and despite the staggering beauty, the people were enough to sour the experience (certain bloggers excluded, obviously.) Not that NY is a whole lot better...definitely starting to overdose on city life.

    As for Iron Fist blog I definitely found that :-) I'm a big fan of his, though a newer one, having fallen in love with the Brubaker/Fraction run. You had an interview with DnA! That's pretty damn awesome. Do you just email and ask a few questions? Would love to do that.

    As for not updating the political one, I totally understand. I didn't touch my own blog for well over a year at one point. And nowadays, in order to get through work and evenings with sanity and spirit intact, I can't pay all that much attention to politics in general. It's just a self-preservation thing.

    Hope you have a great Monday, if such a thing is possible.

  7. oh it's not that i'm not following politics cause i am i assure you rather it's the arabs getting worked up over Israel's b-day last weekend or bin laden's porn stash. it's just that when it comes to blogging on issues of terror and the radical left wing i just see what other's are writing on their blogs. here's a local S.F. one i recommend you check out:
    i leave comments there all the time. standing up against the radical left wing and for Israel is an uphill battle around here. by the way i think there must be some misunderstanding about DnA. i never interviewed with them. just below the translator widgets on the ROM blog is my email address if you ever want contact me that way. there's plenty of Youtube vids. of me and my pro-Israel friends having it out with nut job pro jihadi leftists around here i assure you :)