Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This Week's Comics

Captain Elias is (probably) buying the following...


Batman #710 (?):  I'm not a huge fan of Tony Daniel writing Batman, though I enjoy his art. For some reason Catgirl's presence in this issue is a temptation, but I think I just have a soft-spot for young hero wannabees (whatever happened to Flamebird anyway?) Also Two-Face is back...from wherever he went.

Batman and Robin #23: Judd Winnick, however, is a Bat-writer I seem to inevitably enjoy, and Jason Todd has been his pet character for a few years now. This sees Todd's return to mainstream DC, in a time where Batman has been franchised and Bruce has picked a dozen new partners while Jason rots in jail. Unfortunately, it seems he's still in that horrible costume from Grant Morrisson's take on him, but I guess I'll have to deal.

Power Girl #24: Picked up the last few issues of these (also a title written by Winnick--can't wait to read JL: Generation Lost in trades) and it was hilarious and fun. This month Karen Starr hangs out with Batman (presumably the original) in Gotham City while trying out her now brunette wig.

Teen Titans #95: The storyline whose main purpose is to introduce Solstice into the team continues. That's about all I can remember about it, which isn't the best sign. But Tim Drake is still on the team so obviously I'm buying it. Plus Ravager seems to be making a move on Superboy, judging by the cover.


Alpha Flight #0.1 (?): Do I really need to start a new title and end up picking it up every week? No. BUT Northstar's gonna be in it (so long X-Men?) and I have some fond memories of them from many years ago...mainly when they showed up in Wolverine but still, I tracked down a few of their stories in my day. And I hear great things about the Pak/VanLente team (I never read Herc.)

Amazing Spider-Man #661: Spidey teaching the Avengers Academy kids? Heck yeah. This comic can't stop hooking me with its clever...well, hooks. But come Spider Island, I'm jumping off the train. Honest. Really. I swear.

Avengers #13: The group deals with Fear Itself. I guess. Which involves a Serpent God Odin-impersonator and a crapload of hammers. How about we skip to the crossover and Bendis explains how he's gonna get Hawkeye and Spider-Woman together? Poor Bobbi--you came back from the dead only to get gutshot and re-divorced.

Avengers Academy #14: The kids fight the Sinister Six. Do they persevere or discover some new role models in the classic villains? Probably a bit of both.

Generation Hope #7: Something bad is going on with this new still-in-utero mutant birth, and it's up to Hope and her Lights to avoid another Kenji situation. Gillen keeps us entertained.

Heroes for Hire #7: Spider Man! Misty Knight! Batroc the Leaper! Paladin! Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's tenure continues. If the infusion of Spidey into the mix doesn't help sell this title, nothing will. Except for even more guest stars!

Sigil #3: Mike Carey's lovely CrossGen reboot continues to satisfy as Samantha begins to get a handle on her mysterious, potent powers. Too bad this is only miniseries. They better make it monthly, but only if they make Ruse a full-on regular title first!

Uncanny X-Force #10: The solicit says classified. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it concerns Warren's deteriorating personality, Betsy's guilt, Magneto's discovery, and some bad guys trying to do bad things who need to be filleted. Sounds awesome.

X-Factor #219: Monet rampages! And she takes some of her rage out on J. Jonah Jameson. Plus, what's behind Guido's miraculous recovery? Are Rictor and Shatterstar too busy doing it to join the fight? (I hope so.) Where's Rahne and her speedily germinating wolfcub? And why is Layla Miller so freaking cool?

X-Men Giant Size #1: This sounds a bit hokey, and very much like Deady Genesis, what with the X-Men discovering a story from their past long held hidden in the corners of their minds. Wanh wanh. BUT Chris Yost is writing it, and I've rather missed his comics. Plus I'm pretty sure Emma Frost has words with Jean Grey somehow, and that's always fun.


  1. wow! that last cover art at the bottom of the posting is amazing!

  2. Yeah the covers for X-Factor tend to rock, and I love the art inside too. Really a great book, and totally under the radar. No one talks about it. I've loved Peter David since his classic run on X-Factor with Havok and Polaris (who I hope make an appearance later this year when they're finally back.)