Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday's New Comics

Captain Elias' Pull List


Batgirl #21:
  By far one of the best comics being released. Consistently funny, exciting and brilliantly paced. Bryan Q. Miller has made me love Stephanie Brown more than I ever have, and I've known her since she was in her purple jammies. Read this book.

Batman Incorporated #6: I might not buy this. It depends if I'm strong during my lunch break. I don't want this, I've hated reading this series, and while I have a decent IQ and admirable attention span, reading Grant Morrison these days is like slowly turning a 6 foot corkscrew threw my occipital lobe.

Birds of Prey #12: Brightest Day is done, faking Oracle's death is done, so hopefully now we see some good adventures. In between the obligatory Dawn-is-crying panels. (Geoff Johns you bastard.)

Red Robin #23: Tim Drake continues to be the best hero in either universe, and remains underrated. Fabien Nicieza, who I often love and sometimes don't, begins a new arc called the '7 Days of Death.' It focuses on assassination attempts, which sounds a lot like the original Council of Spiders arc, but mostly it doesn't involve the Unternet so I'm looking forward to it.


Amazing Spider-Man #660: The hilarious Blackbeard/Sinister Six/FF crossover continues. Loved the first one, sticking with the follow-up. Maybe Dan Slott will even turn me into a regular, though my bank account hopes not.

Astonishing X-Men #37: Another I'm unsure about. This title has been horrible post-Joss Whedon and I gave up somewhere around Xerogenesis. But apparently Daniel Way is rather good, and Armor (who I haven't read about in awhile) deals with some personal stuff. Plus, Fin Fang Foom.

Fantastic Four #570: One of Marvel's ingenious $1 reprints, this is Jonathan Hickman's first issue on Fantastic Four. Definitely missed out on the brunt of his run, and interested to read it. I'll give this a shot first, and then contemplate the Trade Paperbacks after a future payday.

FF#3:  All the alternate universe Reeds show up. Also the art is beautiful and Val Richards is in it.

Journey Into Mystery #623: I really liked Kieron Gillen's first issue here and quite enjoyed his take on boy-Loki. Especially after the fantastic movie, I'm willing to stick around and see what happens.

New Avengers #12: Can't seem to NOT buy this comic, even though the past/original Avengers story is boring as hell. In the present, Mockingbird is still bleeding out in a hospital. I don't mind Bendis' dialogue but if he could speed things along, that would be wonderful.

New Mutants #25: Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning writing New Mutants starts here!! Cyclops orders the team to track down omega level alternate universe mutant Nate Grey! Dani still has no powers but she's super bossy and has some role to play in Fear Itself! Doug and Warlock are still alive! Gonna be good.

X-Men #11: Vampire Jubilee is feeling out of place on an island of superpowered bizarre looking mutants, so Professor X has a little heart to heart. Here's hoping they go rollerblading.

X-Men Legacy #248: Rogue assembles a new, pretty dark team, and the entire island struggles with their fake but potent memories of 3 years of different relationships and constant trauma. Excited to see the Frenzy/Cyclops thing, Pixie's darker self fallout, and Storm and Namor's touchy-feely memories.


Moriarty #1: Don't know these writers and haven't heard about the comic but c'mon...Moriarty? Years after Sherlock's death? I'm gonna wait till I see this in the shop before I decide, but in truth I am a complete sucker for this kind of thing.

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