Wednesday, May 25, 2011

This Week's New Comics

What I'm buying at lunch.


Green Lantern: There are three GL titles out this week, all of them pertaining to the current War of the Green Lanterns storyline. I'm not a huge GL fan, and it feels like they've been having events and crossovers ceaselessly for the past 8 years. However I AM rather fond of Kyle Rayner, the writers are pretty good, Batman's on one of the covers, and despite generally regretting the purchase afterwards, when I'm in-store I feel as if I would be missing out if I don't buy Geoff John's latest mini-epic (except for Flashpoint, I'm not touching Flashpoint.) Time will tell if my resolve holds out.


Walking Dead #85:  Time to find out what Kirkman's going to do about his latest brutal casualty. Live? Die? Change everything? Probably the latter, regardless of survival. True, the carnage gets a bit tiring in this book, but I'll give Kirkman this: his tone hasn't wavered once, and as we get nearer to issue 100 it has yet to become boring. Although I would like some more Michonne. (Also, great cover.)


Amazing Spider-Man # 662:  Part Two of Spidey's crossover with Avengers Academy, in which the kids are possessed and he has to teach them another lesson, as it were.

FF#2:  The Council of Doom meets and gets all brilliant while the War of the Four Cities finally erupts. Last issue was a bit heavy on the exposition, so expect things to start heating up here. This book is intelligent and supremely beautiful.

Ruse #3:  One of my favorite comics out there. Still waiting for news that it'll be a full-on regular monthly series. Simon and Emma continue their investigations but things are unravelling faster than their witty expertise can put it all together. Waid's a master genius---he should do a comic with Laure R. King.

Secret Avengers #13:  Despite a sweet cast and an awesome premise, this title never took off for me. Brubaker kept things too obscure and boring, but now Marvel's newest golden child Nick Spencer has a turn, so let's see what he can do. Perhaps he can confirm the need for several of the members, as they just seem to be set decoration most of the time and not overly fond of each other. Also, set something up with DnA to bring Nova back (I see Star Sailor is back in a Hulk book, so why not Star-Lord and Nova already?)

Uncanny X-Men #537:  The Breakworld revisited storyline continues, as Ord shockingly proves untrustworthy, and Kitty gets more well-deserved screentime (though it feels a bit as if Gillen writes her as too snarky...but I love that he has her prominently in two different x-titles. Good taste man.)

X-Men Legacy #249:  Magneto reconnects with Rogue and his grim past, Legion gets some new treatment, and Frenzy goes crazy on her hairstyle (her headspace is still stuck in Age of X.) This new darker team continues to form, but I'm kind of just waiting for the return of Havok storyline. Let's at least hope for some Revenant/Rachel Summers-Grey face time (shouldn't Kitty being reuniting with her?)

Other Comics To Find If They Have Them

Moriarty #1:  Really wanted this when it came out, but it wasn't in the store by lunch. (Check out The Gutter's making fun of Image not printing many #1s so that they all sell-out.) Not positive if it's been reprinted yet but I'm keeping an eye open.

Fables:  Now that I'm a huge fan (though still only half-way through the series) I'm on the lookout for single issues. Maybe the #100 issue is in store, or some cheap back issues, or even a TPB on sale. I want to support Willingham.


  1. i used to collect Walking Dead first when it came out. but ya know after you've seen 28 Days Later and the new Dawn of the Dead it's hard to get into the whole walking around zombies thing. i didn't read FF#2 but #3 was pretty gnarly. especially with what ends up happening to one of the 4 Read Richards. and on the "time will tell" matter in regards to GL we'll see soon if Ryan Reynolds can do justice to the role.
    by the way Capt. Elias i just published a posting on the ROM blog that will be right up your ally considering our mutual political views. gonna do something similar again on the Suicide Squad blog i just need a little more time for that today.

  2. Thanks I'll definitely check it out right now!

    Speaking of mutual political views, did you see my brief post with an Israel-focused Fables excerpt? If not check it out: If you weren't a Fables fan before, you will be now :-)

  3. that was really cool thanks. that little bit of dialogue was straight up and to the point just like Netanyahu's speech to congress. i'm gonna pass that posting along plus i went a head added your blog to my blog role.
    and thanks for leaving that comment on my blog hell man if i had the time maybe i'd start a new blog about Jewish super heroes like Sabra. it does look like somebody out there had something like this i discovered recently but it doesn't look like they update it anymore:

    speaking of which i have the before mentioned posting up on the Suicide Squad blog plus i had a previously published posting about the Hayoth which is an Israeli super hero team from DC:

    on last thing here, this is a take off Youtube on Braveheart that makes fun of mel gibson's anti-Semitic D.U.I. stop rant. if you haven't seen this yet it will make you laugh up your lunch:

  4. My turn to link! This guy blogs from Israel and exposes bias in comics--always enjoyed it:

  5. And you might like my new post too :-)