Monday, May 23, 2011

Torchwood Returns to TV

It's been two years since Torchwood aired on TV, with their critically acclaimed miniseries Children of Earth. It did rather well and despite some personal objections (it was far too dark, and of course they killed off another character--RIP Ianto) it was most definitely better produced than any of the prior seasons. Compared to the first episodes it was a masterpiece.

But the darkness, frenetic energy, and inevitable cheese factor is part of the charm both of Torchwood, and its lead, Captain Jack Harkness. John Barrowman plays a character I've enjoyed since he debuted in the first season of Doctor Who's reboot and befriended Rose and the Doc. He quickly became a fave with Russell T. Davies as well, recurring often and then getting his own spinoff.

Now Gwen & Jack are coming to America for some reason other than breaking into our audiences, much like Doctor Who itself. Miracle Day is the name of the new miniseries/season, and it deals with the crisis of Death taking a break. That is, no one in the world dies, from horrible accidents, murders, illnesses, etc. Thus population booms and resources dwindle within a matter of days. And I suppose it's up to Torchwood to wake up Death and save the world.

It's fun to see Jack and Gwen back , and their return plus the contribution of Jane Espenson as a writer is more than enough reason for me to tune in. But then they started to getting me interested with a list of guest stars, including Mekhi Phifer, Bill Pullman and Eliza Dushku (though the latter is only on the webisodes.) And then I got excited because they revealed Lauren Ambrose is joining the cast! And I rather love her. Also I saw her in Brooklyn a few weeks ago, and she's pretty stunning in real life.

The show airs on July 8th on Starz. Check out the promo.

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  1. Thank you Captain Elias from Marjie! We are huge fans and it looks like the producers spared no expense with Torchwood's long-awaited return.