Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Complete DC Relaunch 52-Title List

So bit by bit, DC has revealed every single new title that will be relaunched at the end of the year starting with a #1 issue. I've kept an open mind, in general, about this Rebootlaunch thing, but I have a couple problems with the final list.

Justice League
Wonder Woman
The Flash
The Fury of Firestorm
The Savage Hawkman
Green Arrow
Justice League International
Mister Terrific
Captain Atom
DC Universe Presents
Green Lantern
Green Lantern Corps
Green Lantern: The New Guardians
Red Lanterns
Detective Comics
Batman & Robin
Batman: The Dark Knight
Birds of Prey
Red Hood and the Outlaws
Swamp Thing
Animal Man
Justice League Dark
Demon Knights
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE
Resurrection Man
I, Vampire
Legion Lost
Legion of Superheroes
Teen Titans
Static Shock
Hawk & Dove
Sgt. Rock and the Men of War
All-Star Western
Suicide Squad
Blue Beetle
Action Comics
Superman: The Man of Tomorrow

So not only is Stephanie Brown nowhere to be seen, but the only thing Tim Drake is in is Titans? That's DC throwing away their two best books. And describing Wonder Girl as a "mysterious and belligerent powerhouse thief" does not lead one to believe this is a minor retweaking of character origins. I also thought there would be a Superman/Batman team up comic, as well as Dan Didio's favorite pet team The Outsiders.

Now that we know the titles, which is nice I suppose (but seriously--Hawk & Dove? Voodoo? Frikkin' Frankenstein? And no Red Robin?!) how about we get to hear the scope of the character changes actually being made.

DC's last-but-not-least news dealt with the Superman family, the main item being that Grant Morrison will writing an all-new Action Comics. I'm pretty sure many people predicted this, and it was announced that Batman, Inc. will return next year, presumably still with Grant at the helm. However the released cover, featuring Superman in some patchwork hipster jeans doesn't inspire the greatest confidence:

Mostly I'm just glad he won't be writing the main Bat-titles anymore. And if anyone has got some Stephanie Brown rumors, please share.


  1. there's a lot of good stuff on this list that i'm interested to hear about but i'll be having my eye especially on Suicide Squad #1

  2. Your bent homie! how can you be happy that Morrison isn't writting Batman?? Grant Morrison is a genious, possibly the best to ever write Batman!! And stephanie Brown, are you serious! that has to be the wackest shit they've pulled since Jean Paul Valley's robo Batman! I agree with you about Tim bein amung their best characters but saaying Stephanie Browns name in the same breath, Whut 'choo bin sniffin on? Spoiler was whack, she was whack as Robin and switching from Cass to her as Batgirl was dripping with Whack juice!!
    So if your not a Grant Morrison fan, then what, You like T. Daniel?? Hes not even a very good artist and his writting is pathetic!! I'm sure we probably agree on some things 'cuz yer obviosly a Bat-Fan and I don't wanna come off as dissing you, I think what you do is great, But as a huge Batman fan please take it from me & give Morrisons run a re read!! That $#!t is genious!!
    Marlon Batman Gidluck!

  3. Ok, I'll go back and reread Morrison, if you read Miller's Batgirl run. Stephanie wasn't a great character before, but as Batgirl her book has been one of the best DC's been putting out for the past year. She is now dynamic, funny, endearing and strong. Even your lord Grant is including her in Batma, Inc.

    And no, I don't like Daniel. My kind of Batman writer is sometone like Greg Rucka. He can do complicated, dark, mysteries, but not convoluted and still centered on character and emotion. That's when I love Batman and his crazy extended family.

    But at least we agree on Tim Drake :-) Worried about his role in the Relaunch but trying not to think about it.

    Thanks for reading Marlon! Really appreciate it. Have a great one.

  4. i'm with you on Greg Rucka Capt. i've read enough Checkmate and Project Omac to see he knows how to write complicated stories with out getting too convoluted for the readers.
    hey Capt. be sure to have a look at your gmail inbox.

  5. You guys havent even mentioned the fact that they are getting rid of Batman Beyond.. again..