Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's New Comics

My 'pull list' is a bit smaller than usual this week, which is always a nice thing for my wallet but conversely tempts me to buy a TPB while in-store, and features some tried and true staples.


Flashpoint #2 (& #1):  Yes, yes, I know I just said I don't buy this title, nor do I have any interest in the event in general. But I feel so out of the loop now. Johns and Lee really nailed me with their meticulous marketing press release timing. I should just be a one-man test group for them, except they already seem to know how to cater to suckers. Still undecided about this one (but the art sure is pretty.)

Superboy #8:  Very disappointed in this run. Sure, I never read Lemire's Sweet Tooth (i'll get to it eventually) but I had high hopes for such a lauded creator to take on Conner Kent. He went for a kind of classic, Smallville, mysterious villains, golden age heroes kind of thing, but it just came off flat and boring, and Conner is almost entirely devoid of personality. Even the Kid Flash/Superboy race was a bust. Superboy used to have potential, but now he's dull in his own title and dull in the Titans. Turns out he's really only cool by association when he's hanging out with Tim Drake.


Amazing Spidey #663:  Another one I'm undecided about. I very much enjoyed the FF and Avengers Academy crossovers, but I know if I get this one, that means I'm probably on board for the whole upcoming Spider Island "event". Should I trust in Slott? Or preserve my funds and wait for trades? Someone please advise.

Avengers Academy #14.1:  The whole .1 initiative is another example of how much of a sucker I am, cause if I follow a title I'll pretty much buy it all. This one seems cool though because the kids seek out other powered teenagers who were victims of Norman Osborn torture/tutelage but weren't chosen by Avengers for potential villainy.

Fear Itself #3:  Grr...yeah I bought the first one, which I hated, but now I'm stuck. "Blitzkrieg USA" happens here (vomit) and BuckyCap takes on Sin/Skadi. But seeing as it's only #3, and Bucky's not in (m)any further solicitations, and apparently Steve will be Cap America again, looks like he gets his butt kicked.

Heroes for Hire #8:  The final part of the Spidey crossover with Heroes. It's been a bit slow actually, and no Iron Fist which is a problem for me, but, again, I trust DnA. Besides, it looks like Misty gets into the actual action for once.

Uncanny X-Force #11: I love how often this title comes out. The Dark Angel Saga starts here, or kicks into high gear here, or whatever, when the team cross over to the Age of Apocalypse!! Wasn't a huge AofA fan, except for that beautiful, heartbreaking final issue, but it's very cool to see a revisit. Besides, it's fraught with potential drama. For example: seeing Jean Grey!! first time seeing an alternate Nightcrawler since he died of robot appendage impalement through the chest!! Magneto as a hero and leader!! Oh, wait, that last one isn't so new. Still, Remender makes good comics.

X-Factor #220: I feel like this just came out last week as well. But I ain't complaining. Consistently one of my favorite books and teams, David clearly has his plots...well, plotted out far in advance. Finally we get into the meat of things regarding Rahne's pregnancy. Looks like Church is involved, and demons, and surprises, and confessions about her time on X-Force. Also look for Layla Miller to explain (yeah, right) some more about her Butterfly/ressurrection powers she used on Guido, and what the cost is.

X-Men #12: Slightly cheesy, and certainly smacking of X-Men: Deadly Genesis, in the sense of the X-Men suddenly discovering an adventure they were on many years ago that had been hidden from them in their brains. Wanh wanh. Still, it's the whole team/island fighting superpowered things. And if we didn't realize they were formidable, they gratuitously killed every remaining Neo in an instant (I kinda liked the Neo...from Claremont's return years ago.) Don't expect more casualties, but should be some good fight scenes.


Irredeemable #26:  It's always a bit hard for me to remember what happened last issue. I think Plutonian's still being a nutjob? Or breaking out of the Insane Asylum Planet? Meanwhile, Qubit is discovering Moebius' screwed with his mind forever, but now they're a team. And Survivor is still going crazy I guess. Regardless, this title is always good. Hell, anything Mark Waid touches is always good.

Happy June!

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