Wednesday, June 1, 2011

DC Reboot Update

Over at Comic Book Resources they have a nice, lengthy article featuring news they found through various sources about DC's recently revealed upcoming Reboot. First they confirm that 52 titles (a la the 52 parallel earths in the DCU) are relaunching with #1s, and most characters will undergo major changes to their histories as well as new writers.

Here's the information I found most interesting:

-The new Superman will be written by Grant Morrison. So now we know what he's up to, but no news on Batman, Inc. and his recent years of Batman shake-ups.

-The new Teen Titans will be written by Fabien Nicieza! This is lovely news, as I'm a fan of him, from his years on Robin, his solid current run on Red Robin, and various other scribe duties on titles like Batman and even a whole slew of X-titles. Current Titans has been lame, so this is one reboot I'm happy about. (Depending on the line-up he goes with.)

-Gail Simone is off Birds of Prey. This seems less good.

Other news seems fairly standard. Namely, that most of Geoff Johns' titles will remain his own and not as seriously changed, and that he'll be writing a new Aquaman, which we knew. (It will be about a male model who does hair commercials when he's not fighting evil fish-life, according to the released JLA art from Jim Lee.)

Check out the link to CBR's in depth reporting.


  1. i don't know what to think of this reboot but i'm enjoying reading all the comments every where of DC fans having a melt down. it could be a good thing in some respects for those who are hoping to see some characters from long cancelled series make some manner of come back but for those who were following story lined faithfully from month to month this has gotte suck. i've heard some people describe this is as DC mass suicide.

  2. Yeah it depends. Could turn out to be brilliant after all. And there's certainly some things I'm excited for. In fact, the more I think about it, the more psyched I am, but if they screw around with Tim Drake or Stephanie Brown--that's where I may lose it