Thursday, June 2, 2011

NEWS: Capt. America, Inara to Showtime, DC Reboot

Captain America: The First Avenger

New posters have been released, showing us some rather intense portraits of the main characters. Gotta say, Red Skull looks awesome. Cap's mask is a little...too enclosed? domey? S&M? but the rest of him looks awesome, as we've seen before. Peggy Carter actually looks pretty great as well. I never knew she was English, just that she was part of the French resistance. Regardless, I already feel kind of sad since she'll be old and dead by the time Cap comes out of the ice and ends up hooking up with her niece instead.

Definitely starting to get excited for this movie (though X-Men First Class is this weekend!) and it's place in the Marvel/Avengers franchise. It looks to me like they're going to be striking the right balance between Steve Rogers' awesome, Nazi-killing origin story, and the heroism of the Marvel Universe that will come to a head in The Avengers. Here's hoping.

Morena Baccarin

The Firefly star (and also V-star, I guess, whatever) has joined the cast of Claire Danes' new Showtime show, Homeland. The plot revolves around a soldier/POW rescued and returned to the US, and how Danes' CIA agent character suspects it to be a set-up. It seems she thinks he's really a terrorist, and someone above her in authority is crooked. So, the US military and intelligence is corrupt. Lotta danger of being an unoriginal, biased, unwatchable, mess of cliche BS.

However, I can't help but have a soft spot for Danes, at least enough to give the pilot a shot. And landing Morena as the solider/terrorist's wife? Brilliant movie. Way to snag an entire audience. Some percentage of the profits should be sent to Joss Whedon as a thank-you. (Unfortunately it probably means she won't be The Wasp/Janet VanDyne in Joss' Avengers. Too bad.)

Here's the trailer for the show.

DC Reboot

Little pieces of news and updates keep flooding in. Mostly it's fun to watch the comments and articles and press about the whole thing. Comics Alliance has a good article called The Ballsiest Move of the Decade, that basically says this is Do or Die for DC. Here's some more news:

-Most (all?) female superheroes will undergo costume designs. No longer will Supergirl wear her little mini-skirt. From now on, if you fight crime, you do so in trousers. Sexists. "Editorial mandate" to cover up the women? Is this Iran? Are The 99 getting their own title? Stupid beyond belief.

-Batgirl will be starring Barbara Gordon not Stephanie Brown. Worst news I've heard throughout this whole relaunch. That was your best book you retards. Un-paralyzing Oracle? Are you seriously going to undo Alan Moore history? That's basically a felony in the eyes of comic fans. I mean...I'll admit it would be kinda cool to see Barbara in action, but Oracle is awesome! Stephanie is spectacular! And frikkin' Cassandra Cain is still hanging around Tokyo doing...something, crime-fighting hopefully. This is nuts.

-Fabien Nicieza might NOT be on Teen Titans anymore. Bummer. Is he sticking with Tim Drake? And WHAT is happening with Tim anyway? No more Red Robin? ARGH someone find out and tell me now.

-OMAC is going to be a series. Boring. Written by Didio. Boring squared.

-Wildstorm titles will return. Not such a big shocker. How else are they going to think of fifty-freaking-two all new titles? Might as well really branch out. How about a Fables relaunch? The return of Planetary? There seem to be no rules left...except, of course, women can't wear skirts or dresses.

-The new Batwoman title that has been delayed month after month is new pushed back to Fall for the reboot, so it can start at #1 with all the others. Sucks, but should give JH Williams some time to finish his pretty art. Makes me imaging Renee Montoya/The Question will be getting her own title too. Might have to buy that. Have you read Gotham Central yet? If not, go do it. Oh man, a Gotham Central #1!! PLEASE!! All those cops we grew attached to! Stacy at the front desk! That would be brilliant.

Jim Lee assures us via twitter that he loves the JLA and he "won't f*#k this up." Unfortunately, awesome art can't save everything. The skirt thing and the Batgirl news has rattled my confidence, but I'll try and cling to some faith.


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  1. good god Morena Baccarin is hot. what a smile! she was one of the very few things the new V had going for it. Thor was good and i'm hearing great stuff about X-Men first class but i'm still a bit leery of Captain America even though the previews look pretty good. and speaking of enemies of the West such as nazis and islamic terrorists i'm heading off to the annual Israel in the Gardens Festival in just a bit. it's the biggest Israel/Jewish cultural event in California and it's in S.F. of all places! needless to say all the Israel bashers will be coming out from under their slimy rocks to protest. but i'll be there with a camcorder and my smart ass sarcastic Deadpool like mouth to give them a proper reception. by the way Capt. Elias i saw your comment today and i'm confident the guru of all things JJ will get back to you shortly.