Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This Week's Comics

It appears to be a light week in terms of new comics I plan on picking up. However, one never knows the impulse decisions one will make in a comic store, surrounded by heroes and collections and even action figures (though I don't succumb to the temptations of the latter often at all.) In fact, there are a couple Marvel hardcovers coming out that I would like, but of course money is an issue. (I need to buy some short-sleeve button down business shirts for this current, punishing, mini-heat wave.)


Batman and Robin #24:  Knowing Dick's future, I expect I'll still with this title just to enjoy his already nostalgic run as Batman. Plus, Jason Todd action can be fun, especially somewhat knowing HIS future as well.

Birds of Prey #13:  Yet another casualty of the relaunch. It hasn't actually been very good since Simone restarted it, but it IS rather fun, and I guess it would be referred to as the 'classic' Birds lineup, which I shall miss. Besides, Renee Montoya/The Question is in it.

Red Robin #24:  No word on Tim Drake's future, as of yet. Perhaps the daily DC news release today will tell us? Regardless, look for a post here later that speculates on just that subject. Meanwhile I fully intend to follow Nicieza right up to the end of Red Robin's (first?) title.


Annihilators #4:  I'm curious to see the sales on this, because I suspect Marvel used it as a litmus test of fan interest, so as to decide whether or not to commission any more cosmic titles from DnA. I don't think this is nearly as good as Guardians of the Galaxy, or any of DnA's recent events. It could be that they're stretched too thin with their other titles, but since they're professionals I doubt it. More likely the comic is oppressed by the caliber of characters on the team. It's just too much. Quasar is our POV, but how can you do a limited series that fairly distributes action and dialogue to all of these heavyweights? Beta Ray Bill might as well not be on the team for all his 'screen time.' Still, I love them all, and I love DnA. I hope this isn't the last of their cosmic stuff.

Journey into Mystery #624: Young seemingly-goodhearted Loki appeals to me much more than classic God of Mischief who learns from his mistakes, or female Loki who stands in weird boob-displaying poses while being downright evil. Gillen is a good writer, and this title feels classic--the kind of balance between old school myth, and modern storyline that I wish Fear Itself struck.

New Avengers #13: Perhaps we will finally see how Mockingbird recovers from her gutshot wound that occurred about SIX MONTHS ago. But mostly we'll probably just have a lot of Bendis dialogue. At least I think the bad Avengers-history flashbacks are over.

X-Men Legacy #250:  Rogue's new X-team are hunting down errant Legion personalities who have somehow manifested and gone AWOL. Carey's great, this new premise is fun, and Frenzy trying to be an X-Man? I'm definitely into it.

Hardcover Temptations:

     -Avengers West Coast Family Ties: While I haven't read many West Coast comics, I have a few trade paperbacks, and they are very fun. I like most stories that involve the Scarlet Witch, and she was front and center on this team. Naturally I'm very tempted--Avengers has a rich history, and I love reading stories that are brand new to me. Should wait till it's paperback though.

     -X-Men Alpha Flight: I like Alpha Flight less than Avengers, but they're always at their most entertaining when they crossover with the X-Men. This whole black-glossy-hardcover series of Marvel imprints is right up my alley, and it's hard to resist. Nay, but I must!

Wish me luck.



  1. I think it’s important to remember that Annihilators wasn’t a cosmic adventure on the scale of Operation Galactic Storm or The Annihilation Wave which involved multiple galactic empires and heavy hitters like Galactus. I think # 1 and # 2 were the strongest issues although they managed to have some pretty interesting surprises through out. I think this issue will get a luke warm reception. I thought it wasn’t too bad but of course it didn’t have everything I wanted to see plus there’s few things that could have been explained better.

  2. I agree completely that it could have been stronger. It felt pretty dense, too many big characters to fit in a miniseries. It's tough to compete with an event like Annihilation War or even ongoing titles like GOTG when you just have 4 issues to work with.

    I sincerely hope they give DnA more cosmic stuff to do, and I can't wait for this Earthfall thing.

    Thanks for the comment! And for reading :-)

  3. yeah we'll see about the Earth fall thing. i was starting to wonder if you didn't want to talk to me anymore. man i totally thought i was gonna here from you about my Youtube videos from last weekend with my confronations with all these radical leftists jihadi loven thugs in S.F.