Monday, August 1, 2011

Dark Knight Rises: Pics of Batman vs. Bane

Just wanted to post a few pics of Batman vs. Bane as taken on set of The Dark Knight Rises in Philadelphia last week. Apparently the scene is in front of a courthouse, with a mob of prisoners fighting the police, and Batman fighting Bane. Also there's a snow machine involved.

My amazing powers of deduction tell me that Bane will pursue a course of action similar to his biggest comic storyline, namely breaking out his fellow criminals and surrounding Batman by villains to wear him down. Also, it will probably be winter in Gotham when this happens, with a good chance of snow. I'm still hoping Bane's not the main villain. Check out eyeprime for all the pics (they have many) and Bleeding Cool for some others (like with Commish Gordon and Marion Cotillard.)

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