Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New York Comic Con

The New Justice League! Congrats Cyborg. Flashpoint really worked out for you.

Can't afford plane tickets, hotels, and con tickets for San Diego, but I've been to NYCC for past couple years. True, I mostly just hang around the tables that sell stuff and buy tons of (really awesome) back issues, but this year I might even stand in a line or two and see a panel. I don't know about dressing up. Perhaps I'll be The Escapist--easy costume, awesome hero. Also it has the added benefit that people will probably talk to me, unlike that one unfortunate, lonely year when I dressed like The Hanged Man from Astro City.

I'm even trying to get a press pass :-) but we'll see how that works out. Otherwise, I'll try and get tickets relatively early and avoid any price hikes. Anyone else going? I'm not the most social butterfly in the nerd bush, but perhaps a comic geek event that involves alcohol could be recommended.

In the meanwhile I'll work on my list of missing back-issues to find. So far I've got old Uncanny X-Mens where the whole Brood Queen debacle goes down and they all get infected, and perhaps some classic Emma Frost ones. And some old Avengers, like Assault on Olympus or maybe even some West Coast stuff that features Wanda. Always a fun way to blow some money :-)

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