Wednesday, August 3, 2011

X-Men News

By far my favorite feature at Comic Book Resources (despite the fact that their re-designed website now crashes my old work browser) is X-position, in which they take reader questions and get either the writer of a specific X-title or one of the X-editors to answer them.

This week, as usual, not much is revealed, but there are hints, some advanced art previews, couple questions of my own and some damn good fan ideas. For a little list click the jump...or just go read it yourself, I guess.

-We're going to be getting a lot of Polaris in the coming months, and the storyline featuring her, Havok, and Rachel Grey's return will be called "Five Miles South of the Universe."

-Rachel will yet again be receiving a new costume, and perhaps even a new name (like the one her alt-self in Age of X had; Revenant.)

-Best Idea Ever: With Lorna and Alex coming back, Jamie, Guido and Rahne in their own book, and Quicksilver back on the side of good in Avengers Academy, have Peter David reunite his X-Factor team. Dear God but that would be a pleasure to see.

-I did not know that Bucky, when he was the brainwashed KGB assassin slave the Winter Soldier, killed Daken's mother, and Wolvie's old girlfriend, Itsu. Obviously I don't read Wolverine, but he was on Avengers with BuckyCap so I might track that issue down, see what happened. Poor psycho Daken can't take his revenge though, since Sin already killed Bucky. Which still bugs me, by the way.

-Some mild confirmation that Wolverine & the X-Men, one of the two new flagship X-books that will emerge after Schism, will be set in Westchester! Logan's bringing the team back to the mansion, and honestly I couldn't be happier. San Francisco is beautiful to draw and maybe drive through quickly, but otherwise it's terrible. Phony, dirty, and socially deluded, the X-Men need the peace and beauty of some Westchester acreage, with the necessary proximity to the greatest city in the world. Only question is, who's going to pay for rebuilding? I'm pretty sure they're living off Emma's criminally-amassed fortune at this point, but that still hasn't been made very clear.
The team continues to come at Juggernaut/Worthy guy in Uncanny's Fear Itself tie-in. Cool to see Face from New Mutants, and creative, diabolical use of Pixie's powers.

This throw-everything-at-him is awesome. Remy charing Santo? Sweet. But what the heck is Siryn doing there? She's in NYC...detecting stuff.

 That's about all they gave us, except assuring us that Wolverine & the X-Men is a team book, despite it's unfortunate title, rather than a Wolverine showcase. To be honest I'm very much looking forward to it, but I'm perfectly happy to still sit comfortably in Schism, knowing big things on the way.

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