Monday, August 8, 2011

This Week's Comics

A list of comics coming out this week that I intend to spend my limited funds on, regardless of cover price.


Batgirl #24: This is probably the saddest issue for me, being the final installment of Stephanie Brown's all-too-brief career as Batgirl. While I lament the loss of other books as the Relaunch approaches, the grief here is more pronounced as I have no idea where, or if, Stepahanie will be in the new DC Universe, nor does it appear that writer Bryan Q. Miller has a title of his own. This comic was beautiful, honest, hilarious and immensely fun, and I have no doubt they will close it out in style.

Batman 80pg Giant 1-shot:  I don't know exactly what this is, besides possibly a collection of short stories featuring the Bat-family before they are all rebooted or disappeared. That, plus the beautiful Dustin Nguyen cover that makes me think of the above Batgirl, makes this a very smart marketing ploy by DC as I have no will of my own and will definitely pay $6 for this.

Batman and Robin #26: This issue seems to be Judd Winnick trying to do Grant Morrison...only, possibly funnier? The French version of Arkham Asylum goes haywire, resulting in an apparently surreal state of affairs.

Birds of Prey #15: Eh, why not. This story is very lame, and Simone's last year on this title has been insanely boring, but I like Huntress and Canary and it's not like I'm gonna be buying the all-new, all-different relaunched Birds.

Detective Comics #881: Scott Snyder's (and Jock's) brief tenure on this title have been really incredible. I came in late but caught up fast, and this issue brings the conclusion of the Jim Gordon Jr. horror story that's been simmering for months now. I'm very glad Snyder still has his own Bat-title, but it's a bit unfortunate he's losing Dick Grayson as Batman--few people have nailed Dick as well as Scott, and gave him a believable, straightforward identity as Batman rather than a conflicted, play-acting substitute. And having Grayson under the cowl considerably lightens up some of Snyder's more...grim material.

Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #3 (of 3): Flashpoint has been very enjoyable, and while I can't handle all the tie-ins they've put out, this is one of the more important ones. As I recall Mera is dead at Wonder Woman's hand, after trying to assassinate her, and now Aquaman is all-out attacking Themyscira. Or possibly New Themyscira. I forget. But it's still good fun.

Red Robin #26: I'm almost as sad to lose this title as I am for Batgirl, the difference being that at least I know I'll see SOME version of Tim Drake in the new Teen Titans book...and I'll wait to be convinced about their new iteration of  my favorite hero ever. In this final issue of his stellar solo series, Tim, all set-up in his new HQ and ready to implement his ingenious crime-fighting plans, has to take care of some unfinished business. Namely, the resurrected murderer of his father, Captain Boomerang.

Teen Titants #99: Talk about a train wreck. But I might as well finish this out before the Relaunch.


Red Wing #2 (of 4): Jonathan Hickman's original time-travel miniseries continues. While I enjoyed the exposition/science in the first issue, and obviously the art is wonderful and used to maximum effect in a kind of way you don't see often, especially in mainstream issues, I wasn't enamored of the characters. Definitely sticking around for the rest of it though.


Amazing Spider-Man #667:  Spider-Island continues, or rather kicks into overdrive. Other heroes start getting spider-powers, the city's going nuts, and MJ turns out to have the soul of a hero (we already knew that though.) Shaping up to be a very good event.

Fear Itself #5: Marvel's big still going on. Thor gets suitably pissed off and starts beating the crap out of evil Thing and Hulk. Tony starts forging some mystical armor, apparently. And something very bad happens to Captain know, besides his best friend, partner, and successor being murdered.

Fear Itself Uncanny X-Force #2: Honestly I'm probably not going to buy this. The first one was all right and the story seems to make sense--kill some Purifiers--but I honestly can't stand Simone Bianchi's art. It makes me nauseous. And I'll take this moment to say I also don't like Bachalo's art, despire his acclaim. I never know what's going on! Give me Cassaday anyday.

New Avengers #15:  Avengers mansion is under siege, but the team is scattered fighting different threats. Squirrel Girl has to step up and show her superhero skills as defender of the baby Danielle Cage-Jones. We also get some flashbacks of her showing off her training and schooling Wolvie.

New Mutants #29: With all this Asgardian malarky going on, it's time for Dani to repay the debt to Hela she accrued in the Utopia battle. Which probably means being a Valkyrie and restoring some order to the underworld. Her team will probably follow her...unless they're needed fighting the God-like Juggernaut who's obliterating San Francisco.

X-Men #15.1: This book is already a tie-in for the X-Men to the Marvel Universe where they can have convenient crossovers with other heroes in stories that don't really affect continuity. So I'm not clear why they need a ".1" issue here. Also it has to do with Ghost Rider which honestly bored my socks off. But, between having some Storm pages and what I've recently been told about Ghost Rider's readability, I'll give it a shot.

X-Men Legacy #253: The search/battle for Legion's errant personalities is finally concluding, and I mean finally because I can't wait already to get to the Havok, Polaris, Rachel Grey-Summers storyline. It seems not everyone will make it out alive, or at least operational, and I'm guessing Legion's got some self-sacrificial return to comaland fast approaching. As long as they leave room on the team for the latest incarnation of Starjammers, I'll be content.

Happy Monday folks. Have a good one.

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