Monday, August 1, 2011

This Week's Comics

On account of a rather insistent sunburn, I'm not feeling super creative today. So in lieu of some opinion or regurgitation of a significant event in pop/culture, I'm just gonna do my comic list for this week a little early. It's actually a very light week, which I don't think I enjoy and may have to pad with some trade paperback purchases. Suggestions?

Read on for the list.

Boom! Studios

Irredeemable #28: Wherever Mark Waid goes, I follow. The start of a new arc, apparently "new-reader-friendly" though I expect Plutonion is coming home soon, no? And is that Kaidan on the cover?


DC Retroactive '80's: Batman:  This is not a definite buy. The '70s one was terrible. And it's 5 freakin bucks, which is crazy. But it has that back-up reprint issue with Jason Todd. It may be the one where Jason knocks the bad guy to his death from a balcony. That's fun.

Flashpoint #4 of 5: This event has turned out to be quite entertaining, and with the confirmation from SDCC that Flashpoint is what causes the DC Universe to relaunch in September, it's pretty exciting to find out how. Plus 5 is a real good number for an event series, so expect things to heat up here. Definitely outdoing Fear Itself this summer.

Flashpoint: Batman Knights of Vengeance #3 of 3: The identity of this alt-verse's Joker is revealed, and we see if Thomas Wayne decides to kill him. I'm gonna go with "yes", unless its something twisted like Joker is a resurrected Bruce or his old friend Tommy Elliot's father or Leslie Thompkins, something personal and hard to deal with. But still, Mr. Wayne Sr. seems like a Batman who gets over trauma by going homicidal.

Superboy #10: This boring series gets even more boring by taking us away from the actual climax it took a year to get to and gives us a completely unnecessary flashback for some background we neither need nor want. Don't buy this. I'll buy it for you, but only because I bought all the others so naturally I have to finish it, and who knows Red Robin may show up (or at least we may get some quality Krypto time.)


Avengers Academey #17:  This is always a solid book, but throughout Fear Itself this is the only one tie-in, or even main event issue, that has captured some of the emotions one associates with all-out war: paralyzing fear, insecurity, desperation, heroism, fate, and full-on murderous, vengeance-filled rage. Knowing that SOME of the team will recolate to West Coast in coming months, one can imagine it's not only Veil who crosses the murder line in battle. Who else will go harcore? And will they even get caught?

Heroes for Hire #10: Started out so well but definitely gone downhill. Still, it IS Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning, so it's pretty consistent. And now, tying into Fear Itself and getting some man-on-the-street heroics during war should give DnA plenty of dramatic material. And maybe some more interesting heroes. Let's hope so, cause the recently announced Villains for Hire doesn't really get my heart rate going.

X-Factor #223: Completely overlooked, this is still one of the best, and certainly one of the most consistent, X-books out there. It's also more original than any other superhero books, combining noir, mystery, action, heroics, romance, mythology, and tying into universe-wide events. Here we finally (?) get the culmination of Rahne's pregancy with, hopefully, a birth, and all the forces out to get the baby for themselves. It would be cool too if events from Avengers: Childrens Crusade could be seen, namely that Rictor is freakin re-powered by the Scarlet Witch. But I can wait a bit for that. Peter David's the man.

Happy August folks. Have a great day.

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