Monday, August 15, 2011

This Week's Comics

What follows is a list of the comics I shall buy this week...or rather, specifically, the brand new comics that I shall buy upon their Wednesday release. You see, it's rainy, dark, damp and depressing here in NYC, which causes several reactions in me, among which are overeating, strange sleeping habits, and randomly going to comic stores and spending $60 on back issues instead of waiting for back issues at New York Comic Con (for which I got a frakkin' press pass if you haven't heard.) Anyway, these are the new ones, which means they're not $8 a pop, generally, and no one knows what happens in them yet. Except the creators, and remotely savvy fans (someone dies.)


Batman #713:  Tony Daniel's last issue...until Tony Daniel's first issue. In which Dick Grayson, nearing the end of his tenure (though he probably doesn't strictly know it yet) is at an "identity crossroads." 'Cause that's never been the focus of a whole issue before.

Fables #108:  In which the children of Bigby and Snow are tested and one among them will be chosen as the new North Wind. My money's on Ghost. Also, Bufkin goes to Oz.

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #3 of 3:  Mis-timed, this issue sees more of the one on one battle with Aquaman and Wondie and background on the betrayals that started the war. Of course, we saw that last week in the last Emperor Aquaman (which was enjoyably religious) and we're all still unclear on WHY their allies are exactly betraying them, except for a vaguely Marvel/Apocalypse credo of the strongest will survive. Whatever, it's still a fun book.

JLA #60:  Not a good run. At all. But it's the final one, and I tend to enjoy issues where the Justice League disbands. It usually involves some sitting at their round table and hugs and some regrets that these B-listers will never return to the spotlight.

Power Girl #27: Another final issue (I believe) and this one has been a fun little gem that no one talks about. It's not earth-shattering or anything, but it can make me laugh.

Superboy #11: UGH. It's the conclusion to the whole year-long (that's all??) Hollow Men mess, and hopefully someone/everyone dies. Like his future superhero ally, or quasi best friend/future super villain, or the weird cousin/half sister with the same genetic material that he keeps crushing on. Ugg.


Avengers #16:  I thought this one was mostly about Steve Rogers, but the cover tells a different story. Seems that Bendis is focusing on his (new) favorite Jessica, the Drew one, and her budding still-kinda-weird relationship with Hawkeye, who I'm pretty sure was with his (ex?)wife like a week ago. Nothing like a good domestic abuse call in the midst of war with Norse anti-gods and nazi robots.

Avengers Academy #18:  The kids fight Absorbing Man and Titania, who are empowered with evil divine hammers and have broken into the Infinite Mansion and cut off all escape. Pretty sure one of them die in this one. And then the trauma causes some, or all, to go evil. Either way, the ranks thin out. Still, will be cool to see the fight.

Daredevil #2:  Very possibly the best comic around now. If you haven't read the first issue, find it. Beautiful, original, hilarious, interesting, the second one seems to follow up on that, with Murdock and Captain America dancing around the rooftops. Cap needs to take him in for past crimes, but Matt just wants to move on. Cue beautiful fight scene plus heart-to-heart. Mark Waid's a God.

Generation Hope #2:  Hope's team gets its own tie-in to Schism, wherein a trip takes place, someone dies, and apparently Idie gets framed for the murder. Which won't be helping her we're-monsters riff much. I have a feeling post-schism the Lights will split up, and Idie's gonna go with Wolvie, what with her being his newest teenage girl bff (sorry Hisako, you didn't last long.)

Journey Into Mystery # 626:  Not positive about this one. I remember it being very well written, but I'm not that into Loki to be honest, either as a bad guy, a woman, or a young boy, and I can not for the life of me recall what's happening in the story. Never the best sign.

Uncanny X-Men #542:  The Juggernaut keeps on coming, the X-Men can't find a way to stop him, and Cyclops breaks out some new plans. This is actually quite entertaining; not a whole lot of satisfying action is happening, but as a showcase for Scott's leadership and tactical abilities, and the usage of every weapon he has at his command (in the population of Utopia) it's quite awesome. I mean, even Cecilia Reyes got some play time!

X-Factor #224: This is losing me a little...but only a little. It comes out so often, which is a big boon, that it moves at a much better pace than most comics. Rahne is finally (finally?) having her baby, only she's in trouble, because Agamemnon (???) is kinda evil and kidnapped her. Yeah, I don't get it either, but if anyone can make sense of it, it's PAD. Also, look for more Layla Miller + soulless Guido = angry Jamie.

X-Men Schism #3 of 5:  The best current big event in Marvel continues. Ostensibly, X-Men keep fighting sentinels globally, a small group continues their PR stunt, and the Hellfire Club takes more orders from pre-pubescent brilliant sociopaths. I imagine there'll be plenty of surprises to. Looking forward to it.

Have a good Monday. And for those of you country folk who can't imagine why anyone would live in the city...rainy, garbage-pickup Mondays make me completely understand where you're coming from.

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  1. And it's such a joy when unionized g-men pick up the garbage in the first place.
    Sorry, Cpt'n. Won't be buying comics this Wednesday; too anxious waiting for Coulter's new essay. But I want to offer cheers and felicitations on your frakkin' press pass. No, I haven't heard till now and am mightily impressed!