Wednesday, August 17, 2011

X-Men Teasers, Doctor Who Clip & Avengers Movie Pictures

Marvel continues to release more X-Men teasers for this Fall's post-Schism world, Chris Evans looks as dreamy as ever playing Steve Rogers (but what's up with those silver shoulder bands?) and the Doctor screens his calls.

All this and more, after the jump.

Recently announced by Marvel, November will see the last arc begin in Mike Carey's very successful six year tenure as writer of X-Men Legacy. In my opinion it's been one of the best X-books ever, and certainly the most consistent over the past few years, and I'll be sad to see it, and Carey, go. Hopefully there'll be a new title, possibly Rogue-centric, made for him, as I can't see Marvel not releasing as many X-books as possible. Regardless, he's made a lifelong fan of me and I can't wait to see how he handles his upcoming return of Havok, Lorna and Rachel.

As for the shadowy teaser, I really can't tell who's behind Rogue, but I also can't get past the unfortunate japanime version of Rogue. Here's hoping that's not the actual artist.

A Generation Hope teaser also came out recently that I missed, announcing a new creative team including James Asmus, whom I'm not particularly sold on just yet. Oh, and apparently, Sebastian Shaw, who I thought was stumbling around China post-Emma-Frost-psychic-lobotomy, is now on the team. Yeahbuhwha??

A lot of enterprising folks out in Cleveland have been stalking the set of the Avengers movie, and have discovered some brand new factoids:

1. Chris Evans is attractive.
2. Due to the alien technology of that blaster, and the motion capture squares over Cap's opponents, the Avengers are fighting...aliens! Oh, wait, we knew that. Skrulls? Maybe. Kree? Possible. Great Lakes Avengers? Not gonna happen.
3. Joss Whedon is like a superstitious athlete who wears the same underwear throughout a tournament. Only it's that goddawful pink baseball shirt. God knows he's no style icon, and I love him unconditionally, but this project's huge! A little sartorial respect would not be out of place.

And last but not least the BBC has released a clip from the upcoming Doctor Who second-half-of-the-season, which premieres on Sunday the 27th. It's rather emotional. You've been warned. Also, big spoilers if you haven't seen the first half of the season, or are mentally deficient enough to not have discovered and fallen in love with this show by now.


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